Best EDC Knife Under $50: Your Essential Guide

The everyday carry (EDC) knife is an essential tool that should be in everyone's pocket. It serves various purposes, from opening packages to self-defense and even survival situations. However, with the numerous options available on the market today, choosing a quality yet affordable one can be quite challenging. But worry not! This blog post will guide you through some of the best EDC knives under $50.

Key Takeaways

  1. Value for Money: The best EDC knives don't need to break the bank. You can find high-quality options under $50.
  2. Ontario RAT II, Kershaw Blur Blackwash, and CRKT Drifter are three excellent choices in this price range that offer durability and functionality without sacrificing quality.
  3. Consider Your Needs: Remember that what makes an EDC knife perfect depends on individual needs such as weight, size or aesthetics among others.
  4. Research is Crucial: Make sure to read reviews online and ask friends or colleagues for recommendations before making your purchase decision.
  5. Ultimately, the best EDC isn’t necessarily the most expensive one—it’s the one that suits you perfectly well within your budget!

1. Ontario RAT II

First up is the Ontario RAT II—a compact and sturdy choice for your daily needs. With its AUS-8 stainless steel blade and nylon handle, it gives reliable performance without breaking your bank account.

The Ontario RAT II is an excellent option for those seeking a reliable and affordable everyday carry knife. Here are some key features that make it stand out:

  1. Compact Size: The RAT II is designed for ease of carry and use. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for everyday tasks, fitting comfortably in the pocket without being obtrusive.
  2. AUS-8 Stainless Steel Blade: This type of steel is well-regarded for its balance of toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The AUS-8 blade on the RAT II ensures that it remains sharp and durable over time, making it suitable for a variety of cutting tasks.
  3. Nylon Handle: The use of nylon for the handle contributes to the knife's lightweight and durability. It provides a secure grip, which is crucial for safe and efficient use. The material is also resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the handle maintains its integrity even with frequent use.
  4. Affordability: One of the most appealing aspects of the Ontario RAT II is its affordability. Despite its high-quality materials and construction, it's priced in a way that makes it accessible to a wide range of users.
  5. Versatile Use: The RAT II is versatile enough to handle various everyday tasks, from opening packages to minor cutting jobs. Its design caters to both casual users and knife enthusiasts who appreciate quality craftsmanship.
  6. Ease of Maintenance: The combination of AUS-8 steel and a nylon handle makes the RAT II easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and occasional sharpening will keep the knife in optimal condition.
  7. Reliable Locking Mechanism: Safety is a key concern with any knife, and the RAT II features a reliable locking mechanism that ensures the blade stays open during use and folds safely when not in use.

Overall, the Ontario RAT II stands out as a practical and budget-friendly option for those who need a dependable knife for daily use. Its combination of quality materials, compact design, and ease of use make it a popular choice among a wide range of users.


2. Kershaw Blur Blackwash

Another excellent option within this budget range is the Kershaw Blur Blackwash knife which features SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism allowing for quick and easy access when needed most.

The Kershaw Blur Blackwash is another remarkable choice, especially for those who value quick and efficient blade deployment. Here are its standout features:

  1. SpeedSafe Assisted Opening: The hallmark of the Kershaw Blur Blackwash is its SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. This feature allows for rapid, one-handed opening of the knife, making it exceptionally convenient in situations where quick access to the blade is necessary.
  2. Blackwash Finish: The Blackwash finish on the blade is not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical. It gives the knife a well-worn look while providing an extra layer of corrosion resistance. This finish also helps in hiding scratches and fingerprints, maintaining the knife's appearance over time.
  3. Ergonomic Handle Design: The handle of the Kershaw Blur Blackwash is designed for comfort and efficiency. It provides a secure grip, reducing the risk of slippage and enhancing safety during use. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods.
  4. Durable Blade Material: The choice of blade material in the Kershaw Blur Blackwash ensures long-lasting sharpness and durability. This makes the knife suitable for various cutting tasks, from simple everyday uses to more demanding outdoor activities.
  5. Balanced Size and Weight: The Blur Blackwash strikes a balance between size and weight, making it easy to carry without compromising on functionality. Its dimensions are ideal for a pocket carry, yet it's substantial enough to handle a wide range of cutting tasks.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: With its unique Blackwash finish, the knife has a distinct and rugged look that sets it apart from more traditional designs. This makes it appealing not just as a tool, but also as a collector's item for knife enthusiasts.
  7. Versatility in Use: The Kershaw Blur Blackwash is versatile enough to cater to various needs, from everyday household tasks to more demanding outdoor activities like camping or hiking.
  8. Reliable Locking Mechanism: Safety is paramount, and the Blur Blackwash features a sturdy locking mechanism that keeps the blade securely in place during use and safely tucked away when closed.

In conclusion, the Kershaw Blur Blackwash stands out for its quick and easy blade access, durability, and unique aesthetic. Its combination of practical features and sleek design make it a popular choice for both everyday use and as a part of a knife collection.

3. CRKT Drifter

If you're after something sleek but functional then consider looking at CRKT Drifter - a great pick for those who need something light yet durable due to its G10 handle material paired with a high-carbon stainless steel blade offering outstanding edge retention capabilities while being corrosion resistant as well!

The CRKT Drifter is a standout option for those seeking a sleek yet functional pocket knife. Its design and materials cater to users who prioritize durability and performance. Here are the key features of the CRKT Drifter:

  1. G10 Handle Material: The Drifter features a handle made from G10, a high-pressure fiberglass laminate that is both lightweight and extremely durable. This material offers excellent grip and is resistant to moisture and wear, making it ideal for a variety of environments.
  2. High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade: The blade of the CRKT Drifter is crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, known for its superior edge retention. This means the blade stays sharper for longer, reducing the need for frequent sharpening. Additionally, high-carbon steel enhances the blade's strength and durability.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Alongside its edge retention capabilities, the blade's stainless steel composition provides excellent corrosion resistance. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who frequently use their knife in moist or wet conditions.
  4. Lightweight Design: The combination of a G10 handle and a streamlined blade makes the Drifter remarkably lightweight. This feature enhances the knife's portability, making it an ideal choice for everyday carry.
  5. Sleek Aesthetics: The CRKT Drifter is designed with aesthetics in mind. It boasts a modern, sleek appearance that appeals to users who appreciate a knife that looks as good as it performs.
  6. Versatile Use: The design and materials of the Drifter make it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from simple everyday cutting jobs to more demanding outdoor activities. Its durability ensures it can handle various conditions without compromising performance.
  7. Ergonomic Design: The handle and blade of the Drifter are designed for comfort and efficiency. The ergonomic handle fits well in the hand, providing control and reducing fatigue during prolonged use.
  8. Secure Locking Mechanism: Safety is a key concern with any knife, and the Drifter includes a reliable locking mechanism. This ensures the blade remains securely in place during use and folds safely when not in use.

In summary, the CRKT Drifter stands out for its combination of a high-carbon stainless steel blade and a durable G10 handle, offering a lightweight yet robust option for those who need a reliable knife for everyday use. Its blend of functionality, durability, and sleek design makes it a favored choice among a broad spectrum of users.

Remember these are just three examples out of many amazing choices available in this price range; each person might find different aspects more important based on their specific requirements or preferences such as weight, size or aesthetics among others because every individual has unique needs when it comes down to selecting their perfect EDC companion.

In conclusion remember that despite having constraints like budget limitations we don't necessarily have to compromise on quality nor functionality since there are plenty of good alternatives ready-to-go right now providing us top-notch experiences even below fifty bucks mark! Always make sure do thorough research before making any purchase decisions though – read reviews online ask friends colleagues if they've any recommendations; after all, we're talking about a tool that could potentially save your life one day!

The perfect EDC knife is out there waiting for you. Start your search today and get ready to enhance your everyday carry gear with an affordable yet high-quality blade.

Remember: The best EDC isn't necessarily the most expensive one—it's the one that suits you perfectly well within your budget!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an EDC knife? 

An EDC (Everyday Carry) knife is a versatile tool that you can carry with you daily. It serves various purposes from opening packages to self-defense and even survival situations.

Can I find a good quality EDC knife under $50? 

Absolutely! There are several high-quality options available in this price range, including the Ontario RAT II, Kershaw Blur Blackwash, and CRKT Drifter.

How do I choose the right EDC Knife for me? 

The perfect choice depends on your specific needs such as weight, size or aesthetics among others. Research online reviews and ask friends or colleagues for recommendations before making any purchase decisions.

Why should I consider buying an affordable EDC Knife rather than a more expensive one? 

The best part about finding an affordable option is it allows you to experience top-notch functionality without putting stress on your wallet. Remember that cost doesn't always equate to value—the best fit would be something that suits your personal requirements within budget constraints!

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