Our Story


My cousin Patrick and I founded CYA Supply Co.in 2015. We started in the garage with a handful of dollars and hell of a lot of determination. In early 2016 we grew out of the garage, getting our first commercial space and hiring our first crew members.

Our blue-collar upbringing taught us the work ethic we needed to bootstrap our business. We've never had outside investors and remain 100% family owned. In the beginning, we built all of our equipment with our own hands, everything from our workbenches to our thermoforming machine, which we named Franky. I made all of our first molds by hand using the skills I learned woodworking with my Dad and Grandpa and a bunch of YouTube videos.


Now we serve thousands of customers a month and are sold in places like Academy Sports & Outdoors, Sportsman's Guide, Optic's Planet, Amazon, and gun stores across the USA. Our holsters are trusted and carried by many different military and law enforcement agencies.

Our holster molds are now engineered from 3D scans of actual firearms in CAD and then cut on our CNC. We have developed design guidelines, testing procedures, and manufacturing processes that enable high-quality holsters at high volume without losing that handcrafted quality.  

We're fortunate to have a great crew of guys that really believe in our product and our company values. Their attention to detail and dedication is what makes the difference between a good holster and a great holster.

We got here through hard work, long hours, and sometimes angry wives. Although it was very challenging, the journey has been more than worth it and we are very grateful to all of you who have made this possible. We hope stick around to make great concealed carry gear for you guys for years to come.

The CYA Difference: 

Our holsters aren't expensive, but they sure as hell aren't cheap. We don't keep prices down by cutting corners. Our dedication to streamlining our processes over the years has allowed us to deliver you superior holsters at an incredible value. 

If you think you are perfect, you never improve. We practice continuous improvement in everything from our molds to our customer service. This allows us to fulfill our commitment to delivering the most value we can to you.

All of our holsters fit like a glove because of our high-tech 3D Engineering Process. Our designs prioritize safety, comfort, and quality. The investments we make in technology help us to deliver on this commitment.

Our holsters are crafted in the USA by our outstanding craftsmen. Our guys are so damn good at making holsters that we back them up with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30 Day no questions asked return policy. We'll even pay for return shipping. We're that confident in our product.

Once you carry a CYA Supply Co. holster you'll be a believer. You've got nothing to lose, grab yours today and join the CYA Crew.

-Ronnie Hiles 

Jarhead Co-Owner, CYA Supply Co.

No I don't eat crayons.