Best Practices: Choosing the Right CYA Supply Co Holster for Your Concealed Carry

Carrying a firearm responsibly and safely is of utmost importance. That is why having the right concealed carry holster is critical, whether you are a law enforcement officer, security professional, or a law-abiding citizen exercising your right to self-defense. Among the many brands available, CYA Supply Co has become a go-to name for concealed carry holsters. This article provides insight into how you can choose the best CYA Supply Co holster for your concealed carry.

Considering Carry Positions

When it comes to concealed carry, the position of the holster is a significant consideration. The most comfortable concealed carry position can vary based on individual preferences, clothing, and specific circumstances. Some popular concealed carry positions include Inside the Waistband (IWB), appendix carry, and shoulder holster positions.

IWB carry positions are among the most common due to their comfort and ease of access. CYA Supply Co offers some of the best IWB holsters, with adjustable cant and retention pressure, that allow for personalized comfort and quick draw speed.

Appendix carry, another form of IWB carry, is gaining popularity for its quick access, especially in close combat scenarios. However, comfort can be an issue for some users, especially when sitting.

Other folks will carry IWB at the three oclock or on their hip, some choose to have the gun positioned in the small of their back, which has become less and less popular. These positions will also help you dictate your holster choices. 

At the end of the day, we want you to put some thought into your personal body type, normal activity level, and where you will be carrying on a daily basis. Do you walk around most of the day, work on your feet? Do you sit at a desk in an office? Are you driving a vehicle most of the day? All of these factors will help you decide on a carry position along with your own comfort level with your gun. 

Firearm Size 

When selecting a concealed carry weapon (CCW) and the corresponding holster, the size of the firearm plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort, ease of access, and concealment. A CYA Supply Co Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster is designed to be versatile and adaptable, but it's essential to match it with a suitably sized firearm for an optimal concealed carry experience.

Smaller firearms tend to be easier to conceal and are often the preferred choice for concealed carry, especially in warmer climates where lighter clothing is worn. They can fit comfortably in a CYA Supply Co IWB holster without printing excessively, meaning the outline of the gun won't be noticeable through your clothing. However, the smaller size might compromise the ease of handling and the firearm's capacity. It's important to balance concealment with practicality and personal comfort in usage.

Larger firearms, while offering improved grip, higher capacity, and often better accuracy, can present challenges in terms of concealment. They can be more difficult to hide and may cause discomfort if carried for extended periods. However, the design features of CYA Supply Co IWB holsters, such as adjustable cant and retention pressure, can help accommodate larger firearms more comfortably. The choice of a larger firearm should come down to personal comfort, both in carrying the weapon and in its use, as well as the practicality of concealing it within the constraints of your daily activities and attire.

Best Way to Conceal Carry in Different Seasons and Attire

Choosing the best way to conceal carry can depend on the season and your clothing. In warmer months, concealed carry clothing such as lightweight vests, loose shirts, or cargo shorts can help conceal your firearm effectively. The best concealed carry holster for summer would be compact and designed to minimize heat and sweat, like some of CYA Supply Co's IWB holsters.

Business attire and business casual outfits pose their own challenges for concealed carry. A tuckable IWB holster can be a good choice in these situations. CYA Supply Co offers sleek and low-profile designs that can be hidden effectively under a shirt.

Evaluating the Comfort and Accessibility of Your Holster

When selecting a holster, comfort and ease of access should be paramount considerations. The most comfortable concealed carry holster is one that fits well, doesn't cause discomfort when worn for extended periods, and doesn't impede your movement. Accessibility is equally important; you need to be able to draw your firearm quickly and smoothly in case of an emergency.

Our Holsters 

We have different models for different reasons. Some folks will always carry at 3 o'clock. They like something sleek and streamlined for comfort. Other folks want the gun steady and ready in an appendix carry position. Our family of holsters works for either position and works well. It's a question of size and features. Either choice is great, and you cannot go wrong. 

The Base 

Our Base IWB holsters are designed and manufactured in-house using our proprietary design & manufacturing process ensuring a like-a-glove fit with reduced friction and precision retention. Our advanced process allows us to create high-quality IWB holster at a sane price without any lead time. 

  • AUDIBLE CLICK RETENTION: The click lets you know your firearm is secure
  • ADJUSTABLE RETENTION AND CANT: Set your holster to your preference. Cant adjusts from 0° to 15°
  • FULL SWEAT GUARD: Protect your APX A1 from corrosion with a full-length sweat guard
  • SMOOTH EDGES & MINIMALIST CUT: Superior comfort for everyday carry
  • MADE WITH 0.080" THICK BOLTARON & STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE: High-quality materials for a high-quality holster
  • MADE IN THE USA: Handmade in San Antonio, Texas by our skilled holster craftsmen 

The Ridge

The Ridge IWB was designed to incorporate the most asked for features for the modern concealed carry holster. It allows for optics, look-through/suppressor sights, compensators, and threaded barrels. We incorporated the top of components such as the DCC Monoblock and a snagless ModWing concealment claw for superior performance. Can be worn from appendix all the way to small of back.

Each Ridge model is conceived of through our rigorous 3D Engineering Process, bringing you a top-tier holster designed specifically for your firearm with a like a glove fit. Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures the Ridge comes to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank without making any tradeoffs on quality. No BS, we don’t charge as much as the other guys because we have made our process extremely efficient and we are continuously improving. We pass the savings along to you so that everyone can have a damn good holster. That is the CYA difference. As with our other holsters, the Ridge is covered by our Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day no questions asked FREE returns policy because we are that confident in our product.

REMOVABLE SNAGLESS CONCEALMENT CLAW: Reduced printing with a claw device that torques the grip into your body or carry without it. We mount the claw on the inside of the holster to prevent snagging.

  • MONOBLOCK GEAR CLIP: This metal clip has two independent legs to maximize contact and an extremely high clamping force that ensures your holster will not slip off the belt. Fits belts up to 1.5”.
  • OPTICS CUT: Cut to accommodate optics but fully compatible without optics.
  • OPEN FRONT: Open muzzle design accommodates compensators and threaded barrels.
  • RAISED SIGHT CHANNEL: Extended sight channel to accommodate look through/suppressor sights for those who prefer the peace-of-mind of redundancy.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The Ridge can be adjusted to your preference with adjustable retention and cant. The cant can be set to 0° or 15°.
  • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Veteran and Family-owned and operated small business in San Antonio, TX.

Final Shot

Choosing the right CYA Supply Co holster for your concealed carry involves understanding your needs, evaluating different carry positions, considering your clothing, and assessing the comfort and accessibility of the holster. Being aware of these factors can significantly enhance your confidence and comfort when carrying concealed. Always remember, the best concealed carry is the one that works best for you.

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