Choosing the Ideal Ruger Firearm for Concealed Carry

Choosing Between Ruger Max-9, EC-9S, Security 380, LC 380, Security 9 Compact or LCP Max


When it comes to concealed-carry handguns, Ruger has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering a range of high-quality and reliable options for personal protection. Notably, their lineup of popular models, including the Ruger Max-9, EC-9s, Security-380, LC-380, and LCP Max, have gained recognition for their compact design and impressive performance. These handguns cater to various preferences, making it easier for individuals to select the ideal weapon according to their specific concealed carry needs.

Each of these Ruger models boasts distinct features to accommodate different users. The Ruger Max-9 offers a 9mm chambering with a compact design and optics-ready capabilities. The EC-9s is a striker-fired pistol with a slim, lightweight, and budget-friendly design. The Security-380 provides a user-friendly experience with its easy-to-rack slide, while the LC-380 offers a reduced recoil in comparison to its otherwise similar LCP counterpart. Finally, the LCP Max packs 10+1 rounds of .380 Auto into an impressively compact framework, becoming an ideal choice for pocket-sized personal protection.

Key Takeaways
  • Ruger offers a diverse lineup of concealed carry handguns, catering to various user preferences and requirements.
  • The Ruger Max-9, EC-9s, Security-380, LC-380, and LCP Max provide an array of features, such as ease of use, reduced recoil, and compact design.
  • When selecting a concealed carry handgun, individuals should consider factors like capacity, size, reliability, and budget.

Ruger Concealed Carry Gun Reviews

Ruger EC-9S Review

The Ruger EC-9S is a compact, sleek handgun designed for concealed carry. It is chambered in 9mm Luger and features a slim, lightweight frame that ensures minimal printing and deep concealment. The EC-9S has a rugged construction with a through-hardened alloy steel slide and a one-piece, precision-machined fire control chassis for reliability and durability.

Ruger MAX-9 Review

The Ruger MAX-9 is another excellent option for personal protection. This striker-fired, centerfire pistol is chambered in 9mm Luger and offers a capacity of either 10+1 or 12+1 rounds. The MAX-9 is optics-ready, compatible with several micro red dot sights, and features a tritium/fiber optic front sight and a drift-adjustable rear sight for accurate targeting. Its slim, lightweight design and glass-filled nylon frame make it a comfortable choice for concealed carry.

Ruger Security 380 Review 

Ruger's Security 380 is a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-handle handgun chambered in .380 ACP. This firearm has a compact design making it suitable for concealed carry without sacrificing stopping power. The Security 380 features a textured grip for improved control, as well as a steel slide and glass-filled nylon frame for added durability.

Ruger LC 380 Review

The Ruger LC 380 is another compact, dependable handgun chambered in .380 ACP. This pistol is designed with concealed carry in mind, offering a slim, lightweight frame, a blued, alloy steel slide, and a high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame. The LC 380 comes with adjustable sights for accurate targeting and has a smooth trigger pull for quick and easy firing.

Ruger LCP Max Review

Ruger's LCP Max is the latest addition to their lineup of compact concealed carry pistols. Chambered in .380 ACP, the LCP Max offers a high-capacity option in a small package with a 10+1 round capacity. The slim design and light weight ensure minimal printing and ease of carry, while the textured grip and rugged construction provide reliable performance. The LCP Max features an easy-to-rack slide, a crisp trigger, and low-profile sights for quick and accurate target acquisition.

Ruger Security 9 Compact Review 

Sporting a sleek, modern design, the Security 9 Compact seamlessly integrates into Ruger's line of quality firearms. The subtle placement of Ruger logos does not impede the overall aesthetics, maintaining its sleek, professional look.With its compact size, it's ideal for concealed carry and also offers a substantial capacity of 10+1 rounds.It features a precision-machined, hard-coat anodized aluminum chassis with full-length guide rails, offering smooth operation and consistent performance. Users have reported a crisp and predictable trigger pull, which significantly enhances accuracy.

Key Features

Comfort and Fit

The Ruger Max-9, EC-9S, Security 380, LC 380, LCP Max and Security 9 Compact  are all compact firearms designed with concealed carry in mind. Each of these models has a slim design, comfortable grip, and easy to manage controls. The Ruger Max-9 and EC-9S feature low-profile, snag-free sights for quick target acquisition and comfortable carry. Similarly, the LCP Max, LC 380, Security 380 and Security 9 Compact are known for their ergonomic design and user-friendly controls.

Accuracy and Reliability

Ruger firearms are known for their excellent accuracy and reliability right out of the box. The Max-9, EC-9S, Security 380, LC 380, and LCP Max possess durable, well-built slide and frame components for consistent shooting. The Max-9, for example, has an external manual safety lever that adds security, while the Security 380 features a strong striker-fired action system for smooth trigger pulls. Additionally, Ruger's well-made and dependable sights help shooters keep their aim on target. Some models like the Max-9 even have the option to mount optics for enhanced accuracy.

Ammunition Compatibility

All models mentioned here are chambered in popular and widely available calibers. The Ruger Max-9, and EC-9S are chambered in the versatile 9mm Luger round which offers a good balance of stopping power and low recoil. The Security 380 and LC 380 make use of the manageable .380 ACP round, making them ideal for shooters who prefer lower recoil and easier follow-up shots. Lastly, the LCP Max uses the well-regarded .380 ACP as well, offering compactness with respectable performance.

Each model is available with different magazine capacities to accommodate a variety of carry preferences. The Max-9, for example, has 10+1 round capacity, while the EC-9S and LCP Max offer 7+1 round options. The Security 380 and LC 380 are also available with extended magazines to increase their capacity, making them versatile choices for concealed carry users. These various ammunition compatibilities and capacities make these Ruger models suitable for multiple concealed carry scenarios.

Concealed Carry Options

When it comes to concealed carry options for Ruger pistols like the Max-9, EC-9S, Security 380, LC 380,  LCP Max, or the Security 9 Compact there are a few different factors to consider. This section will discuss holster choices and carry positions for these Ruger models to ensure personal protection on the go.

Holster Choices

In the world of concealed carry, finding the right holster is as crucial as selecting the right firearm. It's not only about comfort; it's about safety, ease of access, and concealment. CYA Supply Co, an industry leader in producing high-quality holsters, is often the go-to choice for Ruger firearm owners. In this article, we'll delve into CYA Supply Co's offerings for various Ruger models like the Max 9, LCP Max, Security 380, EC9s, and Security 9.


Ruger Max 9 Holster by CYA Supply Co

The Ruger Max 9, Ruger's recent addition to the compact firearm market, needs a holster that complements its size and functionality. The CYA Supply Co's Ruger Max 9 holster is a perfect fit. Crafted from Boltaron material, it's resistant to high temperatures and abrasion, offering durability and longevity. Its adjustable cant allows customization for the perfect draw angle.


The Perfect Fit for the LCP Max: Ruger LCP Max Holster

The Ruger LCP Max, a compact .380 pistol, finds its match in the Ruger LCP Max holster from CYA Supply Co. This holster is designed for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry, ensuring comfort and concealment. Its sweat guard keeps the gun dry, which is particularly beneficial in warmer climates or during physical activities.


A Secure Home for the Security 380: Holster for Ruger Security 380

Carrying the Ruger Security 380 for personal defense demands a holster that guarantees quick accessibility without compromising safety. The CYA Supply Co's holster for Ruger Security 380 offers just that. With its Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock System, you can be assured your firearm is secure yet readily available when needed.


Ruger EC9s Holster – Enhancing Your Concealed Carry

The compact size of the Ruger EC9s calls for a suitable holster that matches its discreetness. The Ruger EC9s holster from CYA Supply Co is compact and offers adjustable retention pressure, allowing you to customize how tightly the holster holds your firearm.


Ruger Security 9 Holster - Secure and Comfortable

Pairing the Ruger Security 9 with a CYA Supply Co holster ensures comfortable and secure carry. The Ruger Security 9 holster's low profile design and adjustable cant make it perfect for various carry positions, enhancing your overall concealed carry experience.


Carry Positions

After selecting the appropriate holster, it's essential to determine the best carry position for your Ruger concealed carry pistol. Here are some common carry positions to consider:

  • Appendix Carry: Offering quick access to the firearm, this position is ideal for right or left-handed shooters. It involves placing the holster in the front of the waistband, near the appendix.
  • Strong Side Hip Carry: In this position, the holster is placed on the same side as the dominant hand, typically around the 3 or 9 o'clock position. Strong side carry is popular due to its easy draw and natural movement.
  • Small of the Back Carry: If you prefer a more discreet option, the small of the back carry may be suitable. The holster is placed in the center of the lower back, around the 6 o'clock position. While concealment is excellent, this carry style can be uncomfortable when sitting.

Selecting the right carry position is a matter of personal preference and comfort. It's essential to practice drawing from your chosen position to ensure a smooth and effective draw when needed.

In conclusion, the Ruger Max-9, EC-9S, Security 380, LC 380, and LCP Max offer various concealed carry options for personal protection. By considering different holster choices and carry positions, you can find a setup that ensures both effective concealment and easy access to your firearm.

Comparisons and Competitors

Ruger Models Comparison

We all love those Ruger Logos and their compact concealed carry guns certainley deserve to wear them . The Ruger Max-9, EC9s, Security 380, LC 380, and LCP Max are popular choices for concealed carry weapons (CCW) due to their compact size and reliable performance. Comparing these Ruger models can help in determining the most suitable option for personal use.

Ruger Max-9 vs EC9s: The Ruger Max-9 is slightly larger than the EC9s, but it offers a higher capacity of 12 rounds compared to the EC9s's 7 rounds. Both pistols chamber 9mm rounds, and their prices are generally similar.

Ruger Max-9 vs LCP MAX: The Ruger LCP Max is smaller and lighter than the Max-9, but it has a lower capacity, holding only 10 rounds. This compact pistol is chambered in .380 ACP, making it more suitable for those looking for a minimal footprint.

Ruger Security 380 vs LC 380: The Security 380 and LC 380 are both chambered in .380 ACP and share similar dimensions. The main differences are in the design and features, with the Security 380 having a more modern look and additional safety features.

Competing Brands

Ruger faces competition from several reputable firearm brands in the CCW market. Some popular alternatives include:

  • Smith & Wesson: Known for their reliable and durable firearms, Smith & Wesson offers the M&P Shield series, a line of compact and subcompact pistols perfect for concealed carry. These handguns are available in various calibers, including 9mm and .380 ACP.

  • Sig Sauer P365: The Sig Sauer P365 is a compact 9mm handgun with impressive capacity and quality. It competes directly with the Ruger Max-9 in terms of size and round capacity, and it has gained a loyal following due to its reliability and performance.

  • Ruger LC9 and LC9s: The LC9 and LC9s are older Ruger models but still popular choices for CCW because of their compact size and 9mm chambering. They are very similar in overall dimensions and weight to the newer EC9s but may offer different features.

  • Ruger EC9 and EC9s: The Ruger EC9 and EC9s are both compact and affordable 9mm options for CCW. The newer EC9s has slight improvements over the original EC9, such as a more streamlined design and a lower price point.

In conclusion, the Ruger Max-9, EC9s, Security 380, LC 380, and LCP Max all offer unique features and capabilities to suit individual preferences for concealed carry. Comparing the available Ruger models and their competitors can help in determining the most suitable option for personal use.


The Ruger Max-9, EC-9S, Security 9, LC380, and LCP Max are all viable options for concealed carry weapons (CCW). Each of them possesses unique features and capabilities, making them suitable for a range of personal preferences and situations.

The Ruger Max-9 is a lightweight, compact 9mm pistol with a 3.2-inch barrel and a 10-round magazine capacity. Its size and capacity make it an attractive choice for those seeking a balance of firepower and concealment.

On the other hand, the Ruger EC9s offers a slim, affordable option for those who prioritize budget and concealability. With a comfortable grip and manageable recoil, this 9mm pistol has been well-received by CCW users.

The Security 9 is a larger, double-stack 9mm pistol with a 15-round magazine capacity, making it a formidable CCW option for those who desire increased firepower. Its grip and ergonomics have been praised for their comfort and control.

For those who prefer the smaller .380 ACP caliber, the LC380 is a lightweight and compact pistol with a 7-round magazine capacity. Its lower recoil compared to 9mm pistols can make it an appealing choice for individuals with smaller hands or those who are new to shooting.

Finally, the Ruger LCP Max is a sub-compact .380 ACP pistol with a 10-round magazine capacity, making it a standout option for ultra-concealability without sacrificing capacity. Its 2.8-inch barrel and overall length of 5.17 inches make it one of the smallest pistols in this lineup.

Ultimately, the ideal CCW will depend on individual needs, preferences, and intended use. When choosing a Ruger pistol for concealed carry, it's essential to consider factors like size, weight, caliber, and ammunition capacity, as well as personal comfort and accessibility. By carefully assessing these aspects, one can ensure they select the most suitable Ruger pistol for their CCW needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common problems with the LCP Max?

The LCP Max is a compact and lightweight pistol designed for concealed carry. Some users have reported issues with the magazine release button being too sensitive, causing accidental magazine drops. Additionally, its small size may make it difficult for shooters with larger hands to obtain a comfortable grip, potentially affecting accuracy and controllability.

How does the Max-9 compare to the LCP Max?

The Ruger Max-9 is a 9mm pistol, while the LCP Max is chambered in .380 ACP. The Max-9 is slightly larger and heavier than the LCP Max, providing a more comfortable grip for shooters of various hand sizes. Additionally, the Max-9 has a higher capacity, with 12+1 rounds compared to the LCP Max's 10+1. Both pistols offer similar features, such as a crisp trigger pull and rugged construction.

Is the Security 9 suitable for concealed carry?

The Ruger Security 9 is a compact 9mm pistol that can be suitable for concealed carry. It features a slim design and weighs 23.7 ounces, making it relatively easy to carry and conceal. However, its size may still be too large for some individuals who prefer ultra-compact pistols like the LCP Max or EC9s.

Can the LCP Max be safely carried loaded?

Yes, the LCP Max is designed to be safely carried with a loaded chamber. It features a hammer catch to prevent the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. Additionally, a manual safety is available on some models, which further enhances its safety for carrying loaded.

How effective is the LCP Max for self-defense?

With its compact size and 10+1 round capacity, the LCP Max is a viable option for self-defense. The .380 ACP caliber offers adequate stopping power for most situations, particularly at close range. However, shot placement and choice of self-defense ammunition are also essential factors in determining the effectiveness of any firearm for self-defense purposes.

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