CYA Supply Co Glock 19x Holster: Top Features and Benefits

CYA Supply Co. has built a reputation for producing high-quality holsters designed to meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts. The Glock 19X holster from CYA Supply Co. stands out for its robust design and comfort, making it a top choice for concealed carry. Built to be worn inside the waistband, it ensures safety and accessibility for everyday use.

One of the strongest aspects of this holster is its compatibility with multiple Glock models, including the Glock 19, 19X, 44, 45, and 23. This versatility makes it suitable for users who own different Glock models, providing reliable performance across the board. The holster is designed with the end user in mind, focusing on comfort and secure retention, allowing it to withstand daily wear and tear.

Made in the USA, this veteran-owned company takes pride in its craftsmanship. Each holster is tailored to ensure it meets high quality and durability standards. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or new to concealed carry, the Glock 19X holster by CYA Supply Co. offers a dependable and comfortable solution. Check out the best Glock 19 Holster for concealed carry.

Key Takeaways

  • The holster ensures comfort and reliability for concealed carry.
  • Compatible with multiple Glock models for versatile use.
  • It is made in the USA with high standards of quality and durability.

Design and Build Quality

CYA Supply Co's Glock 19X holsters are known for their top-notch materials and craftsmanship. They ensure comfort, concealment, and security for everyday carry.

Materials and Durability

CYA Supply Co uses Boltaron for their holsters, a highly durable thermoplastic. Boltaron is lightweight and resistant to impacts, abrasions, and harsh weather conditions.

This material choice ensures the holsters maintain their shape and protective qualities over time. Each holster is crafted by skilled craftsmen, ensuring consistent quality and attention to detail.

A lifetime warranty is also provided, emphasizing the company’s confidence in their product's long-term performance.

Holster Features

Critical features of CYA Supply Co’s Glock 19X holsters include adjustable retention, allowing users to customize the holster’s hold on the firearm. This ensures a secure fit while still offering easy access.

Sweat guards are included to protect the gun and wearer, enhancing comfort during extended wear. The optics cut design accommodates suppressor sights and red dot optics, providing versatility for different shooting setups.

These holsters are built to cover and protect the trigger and magazine release, enhancing safety during everyday carry.

Available Colors and Patterns

The holsters come in various colors and patterns. Some popular choices include Olive Drab, Teal Blue, Flat Dark Earth, and Carbon Fiber. These options allow users to personalize their holster to match their style or gear.

The color choices are not just for aesthetics; they are also designed to withstand wear, ensuring that the holster retains its appearance under rigorous use.

CYA Supply Co ensures that all colors and patterns are durable and long-lasting.

Compatibility and Adjustment Options

The CYA Supply Co. Glock 19x holster offers an excellent fit for popular Glock models and customizable adjustments to suit individual preferences. This examines how the holster accommodates different Glock pistols, offers adjustable ride height and cant, and supports various attachments.

Fit and Compatibility

The CYA Supply Co. Glock 19x holster is designed to fit several Glock models. It is fully compatible with the Glock 19, one of the most widely used handguns. The holster also accommodates Glock 19 models with optics and suppressors due to its thoughtful design.

The fit for these models is secure, ensuring the guns remain in place during everyday carry. The design includes an audible click retention system, giving users confidence that their firearm is securely holstered. A full sweat guard ensures comfort and protects the gun from sweat, extending its durability.

The adjustability of Ride Height and Cant

One of the standout features of the CYA Supply Co. holster is the adjustability of ride height and cant. Users can customize the carry position to their preference, which enhances comfort and concealment. Adjustable cant allows the angle of the holster to be modified, providing flexibility based on how the user wishes to draw their firearm.

The adjustable ride height enables users to raise or lower the holster on the belt, ensuring an optimal draw position. These adjustments are particularly beneficial for achieving comfortable and concealed carry—the holster’s minimalist cut design provides comfort without compromising stability.

Accommodating Attachments

The holster’s design also considers the use of various attachments on the Glock 19. It is compatible with threaded barrels, allowing users to carry their firearm with suppressors if needed. The holster also supports optics, making it suitable for those with custom sights attached.

Moreover, the CYA Supply Co. Glock 19x holster provides sufficient space to accommodate compensators, ensuring that users with different firearm configurations can still benefit from its use. The well-thought-out design guarantees that these attachments do not interfere with the firearm’s secure fit or the user’s comfort during concealed carry.

Carrying Experience

CYA Supply Co.'s Glock 19X holster is designed to provide users with an optimal combination of concealment, comfort, and quick access for everyday carry.

Concealment and Access

The Glock 19X holster by CYA Supply Co. excels in concealment. Its inside-the-waistband (IWB) design lets users carry it discreetly under various clothing. The holster's minimalist cut ensures it remains hidden whether carrying an Appendix, Strong Side, or even Small of Back. The adjustable cant feature allows users to set their preferred draw angle, enhancing accessibility.

An audible click retention system confirms that the firearm is securely holstered, giving the user peace of mind. The Concealment Claw attachment effectively reduces printing, making sure the firearm stays invisible even under tight clothing. Comfort and Wearability

CYA Supply Co.'s holster is crafted with the user's comfort. It is made from durable Kydex and provides a smooth, comfortable fit against the body. The holster features an adjustable ride height, allowing users to set it high or low on their belt, which can be crucial for people with different body types and carrying preferences.

The holster includes a full sweat guard, protecting the firearm and the wearer from moisture. It also comes equipped with the DCC Monoblock Gear Clip, known for its strong clamping force, ensuring the holster stays firmly in place throughout the day. Edges of the holster are polished for comfort, minimizing irritation during prolonged wear.

Users find this holster suitable for everyday carry, given its careful balance of concealment and comfort. Whether moving or sitting, the holster adjusts well to different activities, providing consistent performance and reliability.

Product Variations and Offerings

CYA Supply Co. has a range of holsters designed for the Glock 19X, catering to different hand orientations and additional accessories to enhance functionality.

Holster Models and Hand Orientation

CYA Supply Co. offers three primary models: Path IWB, Base IWB and Ridge IWB. The Base IWB model is designed for everyday use, providing daily comfort and security. It supports multiple hand orientations, including Right-Hand and Left-Hand draws. The Ridge IWB holster fits various Glock models, such as Glock 19X/19/44/45 Gen 3-5 and Glock 23/32 Gen 3-4.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable retention
  • Full sweat guard
  • Smooth edges for comfort

These features ensure that each holster model meets the user's specific needs, enhancing the overall concealed carry experience.

Additional Accessories

CYA Supply Co. provides various accessories to complement its holsters. The Monoblock Gear Clip stands out as a popular choice due to its durability and convenience. It is a removable metal clip with independent legs, making it easy to attach or detach from the holster.

Other accessories include:

  • Adjustable cant settings
  • Optics ready configurations
  • Audible click retention system

These accessories allow users to customize their holsters to meet their needs, increasing comfort and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

CYA Supply Co's Glock 19X holsters are famous for their high-quality build and practical features. These FAQ address key concerns about their performance, design, and user reviews.

How does the CYA Supply Co Ridge IWB Holster compare in comfort and concealment for daily carry?

The Ridge IWB Holster is known for its smooth edges and minimalist cut, which enhance comfort during daily carry. Users appreciate its adjustable cant and retention, which allow for a customized fit. The full sweat guard also helps in maintaining comfort while offering better concealment.

What are customers saying about the CYA Supply IWB holster in terms of durability and fit?

Customers praise the CYA Supply IWB holster for its durability and precise fit. Reviews highlight the robust construction and materials used, which contribute to the overall longevity of the holster. The fit is often described as snug and reliable, providing confidence to users during carry.

Can you use the CYA Supply Co holsters for a Glock 19X with attachments such as sights or extended magazines?

CYA Supply Co holsters are designed to accommodate various attachments. Many models feature an optics cut that fits red dot sights and can handle extended magazines. This versatility allows users to carry their modified Glock 19X without sacrificing fit or security.

How does the retention system of CYA Supply Co holsters ensure the firearm's security during activities?

The retention system in CYA Supply Co holsters is crafted to securely hold the firearm. With an audible click retention system and adjustable settings, users can customize how tightly the holster holds the gun. This ensures the firearm remains secure even during active movements or rigorous activities.

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