CYA Supply Co Sig P365 X Macro Holster Review: Your Ultimate Guide

The CYA Supply Co boasts a line of holsters tailored for the Sig Sauer P365 X Macro, each designed to complement the firearm’s characteristics while catering to concealed carry needs. The P365 X Macro represents a compact yet formidable sidearm, and CYA Supply Co's offerings aim to align with its versatility and compactness. Their IWB (Inside-the-Waistband) holsters are crafted with a proprietary process, emphasizing a snug fit and precise retention, devoid of additional light/laser attachments.

With a lifetime warranty and commitment to satisfaction, CYA Supply Co underscores the value they place on customer confidence and experience. These holsters promise a secure fit and emphasize ease of carry for their owners. This blend of function and assurance positions CYA Supply Co as a preferred choice for Sig P365 X Macro owners seeking reliable concealed carry solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • CYA Supply Co's holsters are custom-fitted for the Sig P365 X Macro, emphasizing ease of concealed carry.
  • The company's proprietary design and manufacturing process ensure holsters offer secure retention and a perfect fit.
  • A lifetime warranty and 30-day return policy reflect CYA Supply Co’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Design and Features

The CYA Supply Co Sig P365 X Macro holster is meticulously designed with a focus on durability, fit, compatibility, and user convenience. It provides a secure and comfortable option for daily concealed carry, crafted with high-quality materials and designed to accommodate various carry positions.

Material and Durability

The holster is constructed from Boltaron thermoplastic, which provides superior durability, impact resistance, and chemical stability compared to traditional materials like KYDEX. All holsters are outfitted with stainless steel hardware for longevity, ensuring the product can withstand everyday carry (EDC) wear and tear.

Fit and Compatibility

The IWB Holster is specifically tailored for the Sig Sauer P365 variants, including the P365-XMacro and the P365 XL. The design includes an optics-ready cut and can accommodate suppressor sights and threaded barrels, although it is not compatible with claw attachment.

Comfort and Convenience

CYA Supply Co. prioritizes comfort with a design that features an adjustable cant and ride height, contributing to all-day comfort. An integral full-length sweat guard shields the firearm from perspiration, allowing for a consistent carry experience.

Carry Positions

This holster supports various carry positions: IWB, appendix carry, strong side, small back, and cross draw. The versatility is conducive to user preference and situation, providing flexibility for the carrier.

Safety Features

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect, so the holster is engineered with specific retention features, including audible click retention that secures the weapon until deliberately drawn.


The holster's design ensures quick and unimpeded access to the firearm, making it an optimal choice for everyday carry. It is offered predominantly in a right-handed configuration but may also provide options for left-handed carriers.

Holster Attachments and Adjustments

Adjustability is critical, with features like adjustable retention and cant allowing the wearer to configure draw tension and angle. However, it does not support the Modwing concealment claw or DCC Monoblock, focusing instead on a streamlined profile.

Shipping and Returns

CYA Supply Co. offers a 30-day free return policy and free shipping on holsters. They back their product with a risk-free guarantee and hassle-free exchanges. Their confidence is further affirmed by a robust lifetime warranty.

Customer Experience

When purchasing a Sig Sauer P365 XMacro holster from CYA Supply Co., customers are offered strong warranty support and a positive feedback loop through reviews. CYA Supply Co. demonstrates confidence in its products with its customer-centric policies.

Warranty and Support

CYA Supply Co. provides a lifetime warranty on their holsters, reflecting their commitment to durability and customer satisfaction. The company offers a comprehensive customer service experience to ensure security and support throughout the product's life. Warranty claims are processed with a hassle-free approach, emphasizing their risk-free guarantee.

Feedback and Reviews

Customers can share their experiences through reviews, which CYA Supply Co. uses to maintain their high-quality standards. The Sig P365 XMacro holster reviews often highlight the "like a glove" fit, demonstrating the company’s success at delivering holsters that complement the concealed carry lifestyle.

Customer Policies

CYA Supply Co. stands behind its products with customer-friendly policies, including 30-day free returns and free shipping on orders. It operates with a no-questions-asked return policy, ensuring that any customer dissatisfaction is addressed fairly and promptly. Hassle-free exchanges and a free returns policy are also part of its promise to provide a stress-free shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the appropriate holster for your firearm ensures safety, comfort, and accessibility. This section addresses common queries about CYA Supply Co holsters for the Sig P365 XMACRO.

How do I choose the best CYA Supply Co holster for my Sig P365 XMACRO?

One should consider the fit, material, and design when selecting a CYA Supply Co holster for your Sig P365 XMACRO. CYA Supply Co's Base IWB holster is engineered for a precise fit, focusing on reducing friction and providing optimal retention.

What are the benefits of using a Ridge IWB holster for the Sig P365 XMACRO?

The Ridge IWB holster for the Sig P365 XMACRO provides a snug fit and concealment. Its unique design allows for a comfortable carry while ensuring fast draw and re-holstering capabilities, making it beneficial for everyday carry.

Can SIG P365 XMACRO TACOPS comfortably fit in a standard CYA Supply Co IWB holster?

Unfortunately, the standard CYA Supply Co IWB holster is not designed to accommodate the Sig P365 XMACRO TACOPS with added attachments like a claw attachment or rail-mounted lights and lasers.

Are the P365-XMACRO COMP ROMEOZERO ELITE holsters offered by CYA Supply Co compatible with other attachments?

CYA Supply Co's design for the P365-XMACRO specifically states non-compatibility with claw attachments or light/laser rail attachments. Holsters are tailored for a streamlined fit focusing on the base firearm model.

Can a CYA Supply Co holster accommodate the Sig P365 X with a light attachment?

CYA Supply Co typically does not offer holsters for the Sig P365 X that fit additional light attachments. Their holsters are designed for the gun's form factor without external add-ons.

What features should I look for in a concealment holster for a Glock that also applies to Sig P365 XMACRO?

Similar to selecting a holster for a Glock, one should look for a Sig P365 XMACRO holster that offers a secure fit, comfortable wear, and easy accessibility. Other crucial features include adjustable retention and sturdy build quality to maintain the holster's shape and function over time.

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