FN 509 Holster Options: An In-Depth Look at CYA Supply Co.'s Offerings

CYA Supply Co., a veteran-owned company operating out of Texas, specializes in producing high-quality holsters suitable for a variety of firearms, including the FN 509. Their holsters are meticulously handcrafted to ensure that each product meets strict standards of quality and reliability. With a specific focus on the FN 509, CYA Supply Co. offers a range of holsters designed to provide a precision fit for the full-sized pistol, which has been 3D scanned and reverse-engineered for the perfect holster fit.

The company's dedication to comfort and durability for everyday carry is evident in its product line, with options for IWB (Inside the Waistband) carry that cater to concealed carry users. These holsters are fashioned to be worn in different positions, including appendix or on the hip, to suit individual preferences and requirements for accessibility and concealment. Detailing such as adjustable retention and a focus on a slim profile highlight the practical design elements that contribute to both security and convenience.

Key Takeaways

  • CYA Supply Co. offers IWB holsters designed for the FN 509, ensuring a tailored fit for everyday carry.
  • Their holster designs prioritize comfort, adjustability, and secure retention for concealed carry.
  • Products are available for purchase with detailed specifications, providing a comprehensive solution for FN 509 owners seeking a reliable holster.

Features and Benefits

The FN 509 holsters by CYA Supply Co. are recognized for their superior quality and the range of features they offer for both comfort and adjustability. Emphasizing a blend of skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful design, these holsters are tailored to meet the varied needs of gun owners.

Quality and Craftsmanship

CYA Supply Co. holsters are a product of a family-owned business and are meticulously crafted in the USA. The commitment of the company to quality is apparent in every holster, with a focus on both durability and functional design. Each holster is backed by a lifetime warranty, reflecting the confidence in the craftsmanship provided by the skilled artisans who manufacture these holsters.

Adjustability and Comfort

To accommodate various preferences for concealment and draw speed, the FN 509 holsters feature multiple points of adjustability:

  • Adjustable Ride Height: Users can modify from high to low positions.
  • Adjustable Cant: The angle at which the holster sits on the belt can be customized.
  • Adjustable Retention: This allows for a personalized draw resistance.

These adjustable elements ensure that each user can find the most comfortable position for carry.

Material and Design Options

The holsters for the FN 509 are constructed with a range of materials, available in colors like carbon fiber, flat dark earth, olive drab, and teal blue. Designed for durability and aesthetics, each material option provides a combination of style and protection with a practical finish. A built-in sweat guard minimizes direct contact between the body and the firearm, while the optional concealment claw helps in reducing the print of the gun under clothing.

Holster Compatibility

Selecting the correct holster for the FN 509 series is crucial for ensuring safety, accessibility, and comfort. CYA Supply Co. provides specific holsters to accommodate various FN 509 models and carry styles.

Pistol Compatibility

CYA Supply Co.'s holster lineup is tailored to fit the FN 509 firearm series, ensuring a snug and secure fit for each model. These holsters cater to the FN 509 Full Size and the FN 509 Compact, including the 509 Compact MRD which is designed for red dot optics. Notably, the holsters support models with threaded barrels and are usually optics ready, thanks to an open front design.

  • FN 509 Full Size: The Base IWB holster by CYA Supply Co. is made to fit perfectly.
  • FN 509 Compact MRD: Options like the BOR Holster accommodate the red dot optics feature without issue.

Holsters that are crafted to be compatible with threaded barrels offer added versatility for those who opt for barrel modifications.

Carry Styles

CYA Supply Co. holsters are engineered for diverse carrying preferences, featuring designs that accommodate inside the waistband (IWB) placement. These allow users to comfortably carry their firearm in various positions, such as:

  • Appendix: Directly in front for quick access.
  • Strong Side: Traditionally on the dominant side hip.
  • Small of Back: Positioned at the lower back for concealed carry.
  • Cross-Draw: The firearm is drawn across the body, typically for seated scenarios.

Their holsters focus on concealed carry while providing easy access and sturdy retention for the FN 509 series. Users can expect a reliable holster from CYA Supply Co. that meets their specific everyday carry needs.

Retention and Concealment

The FN 509 holster by CYA Supply Co. is engineered with a focus on retention and concealment, ensuring that the firearm is securely in place while allowing for discreet carry.

Clamping Force and Security

The holster's retention system is precisely designed to provide a tight clamping force, which ensures that the FN 509 remains secure at all times. This is thanks to features such as adjustability, which lets the wearer customize the level of retention to their preference. The incorporation of a metal clip further enhances security by providing a stable attachment to the belt, with its independent legs preventing any unintended detachment.

  • Retention Levels: Adjustable
  • Metal Clip: Ensures stable belt attachment
  • Clamping Force: Customizable for personal comfort and security

Holster Concealability Options

For concealment, the CYA Supply Co. holster offers design options that cater to reducing printing, making it challenging to discern that the wearer has a firearm. Optics cut accommodations are included in certain models, allowing for a seamless fit even with attached sights. Its contouring and placement options, such as appendix or hip carry, provide versatility in how the firearm is concealed according to the user's requirements and clothing.

  • Printing Reduction: Designed to conceal firearm presence
  • Carry Positions: Appendix, hip, and more for versatile concealment
  • Optics Cut Holsters: Available for compatibility with extra hardware

The holsters are structured to offer both a secure hold and discreet concealment, without compromising quick access.

Product Specifications and Purchasing Information

CYA Supply Co. offers a selection of holsters for the FN 509 firearm, boasting precision fit and comfort for daily carry. Their holsters are tailored to meet the specific needs of the FN 509 series, providing a secure and accessible carrying option.

Available Variants

FN 509 Full Size Holster Base
Our FN 509 Full Size holster was designed and crafted using our high-tech proprietary process to exacting specifications. We’re so confident in our holsters that we back them up with a lifetime warranty and 30-day free returns.  It can be worn cross-draw, appendix, strong side, or all the way to small of the back. It fully protects the trigger and mag release for ultimate safety.

If you have an FN 509 Full Size with optics or red dot, we have you covered with our optics ready cut. The optics cut is compatible with or without optics, so if you plan to add one later, getting the optics cut now is a good idea.

FN 509 Ridge

The Ridge IWB was designed to incorporate the most asked for features for the modern concealed carry holster. It allows for optics, look-through/suppressor sights, compensators, and threaded barrels. We incorporated the top of components such as the DCC Monoblock and a snagless ModWing concealment claw for superior performance. Can be worn from appendix all the way to small of back.

Each Ridge model is conceived of through our rigorous 3D Engineering Process, bringing you a top-tier holster designed specifically for your firearm with a like a glove fit. Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures the Ridge comes to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank without making any tradeoffs on quality. No BS, we don’t charge as much as the other guys because we have made our process extremely efficient and we are continuously improving. We pass the savings along to you so that everyone can have a damn good holster. That is the CYA difference. As with our other holsters, the Ridge is covered by our Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day no questions asked FREE returns policy because we are that confident in our product.

FN 509 Path
Our Path IWB holster for the FN 509 Full Size was designed to allow for maximum adjustability in ride height and cant without sacrificing functionality.

For this purpose, we designed our Patent Pending adjustable concealment claw to allow the Patent Pending easy-on claw pad to adjust up and down to stay in contact with the belt in a variety of different ride height and cant orientations.

We included all the premium features for a modern concealed carry platform to give you a top of the line FN 509 Full Size concealed carry holster.

Ordering and Returns


When placing an order, customers can choose based on their carry preference and firearm model. Each product's detail page provides the MPN (Manufacturer's Part Number) and UPC (Universal Product Code) for ease of identification.


CYA Supply Co. stands behind their products with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day free returns policy. Should the holster not meet the buyer's expectations, they can request a return within this period, provided the product is in its original condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries regarding the compatibility, ratings, and recommendations for CYA Supply Co holsters designed for FN 509 firearms.

What are the differences in the fitment between FN 509 Midsize, Compact MRD, and Reflex holsters?

The fitment for FN 509 holsters varies based on the model. Midsize holsters are tailored to the dimensions of the FN 509 Midsize, whereas the Compact MRD holsters accommodate the red dot sight feature. Reflex holsters are designed to work with reflex optics without hindering the retention or fit.

How do reviews rate the CYA Supply Co holsters for FN firearms?

Reviews of the CYA Supply Co holsters for FN firearms typically highlight their sturdy material, craftsmanship, and good retention. They often have positive feedback regarding the fit and finish, with many users satisfied with the product's quick delivery and performance.

Which IWB holster is recommended for the FN 509 Compact MRD?

For the FN 509 Compact MRD, the recommendation is to use an Inside Waistband (IWB) holster that specifically mentions MRD compatibility to ensure proper fitment for models with mounted reflex sights.

Are CYA Supply Co holsters compatible with different models of the FN 509 series?

CYA Supply Co offers holsters designed to accommodate different models of the FN 509 series. However, due to variations in size and features, each holster is built to fit specific models, so compatibility should be checked for each model in the FN 509 series.

Can the FN 502 use the same holster as the FN 509, or are there specific requirements?

The FN 502 and FN 509 have different dimensions and design characteristics, so holsters are not directly interchangeable between these models. Specific requirements such as size and shape of the gun must be met, necessitating designated holsters for each model.

What type of holsters are typically used by military police for their service weapons?

Military police tend to use holsters that offer a balance of secure retention, ease of access, and durability. Typically, these are duty holsters that can be securely attached to a utility belt and may include additional safety features such as thumb breaks or retention screws.

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