Glock 43x Accessories: Top Add-Ons for Enhanced Performance

The Glock 43X is popular among firearm enthusiasts for its compact size, reliability, and versatility. Its standard capacity of 10 rounds and slim grip efficiently balance concealability and comfort. Upgrading your Glock 43X with the right accessories can enhance its performance and aesthetics, making it an even more effective tool for personal defense and sports shooting.

There are many aftermarket parts available for the Glock 43X, including extended magazine plates, custom slide cover plates, and enhanced trigger connectors. Each of these components can easily be installed and greatly improve your shooting experience. Accessories like night sights and extended slide releases can also optimize your Glock 43X's performance, particularly in low-light conditions and for quicker reloads.

Finding the perfect holster for your Glock 43X is essential when it comes to carrying options. Reliable brands offer a variety of holsters tailored specifically for this model, ensuring both comfort and secure retention. Whether you prefer inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or other carry styles, a good holster will complement your upgraded Glock 43X and keep it ready for any situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Glock 43X combines compact size with reliability and versatility.
  • Aftermarket parts improve both performance and aesthetics.
  • Finding the right holster enhances comfort and secure carrying.

Glock 43X Overview

The Glock 43X is known for its compact size and reliable performance, making it a favorite among concealed carry users. This section explores its design and features, as well as its compatibility with other Glock models and accessories.

Design and Features

The Glock 43X combines a slim slide, short barrel, and longer grip, offering improved comfort and better control. It has a 10-round magazine capacity, which is substantial for a compact firearm.

It features a polymer frame with the Safe Action system, providing three independent safeties. The textured grip ensures a firm hold, while the reversible magazine catch accommodates left-handed shooters.

The front and rear slide serrations enhance grip during racking, making it user-friendly. Weighing just 18.7 ounces, it is lightweight and ideal for all-day carry.


The Glock 43X shares parts compatibility with other models like the Glock 43 and Glock 48. Key components such as magazines, slides, and barrels can often be interchanged.

Many aftermarket parts, including triggers, sights, and magazine extensions, are designed to fit the Glock 43X. This allows users to customize their firearms to meet personal preferences and performance needs.

Because of its popularity, many manufacturers, such as Overwatch Precision and Faxon Firearms, offer tailored accessories and upgrades, ensuring that users have plenty of enhancement options.

Performance Enhancements

Improving the performance of the Glock 43X often involves managing recoil and upgrading the trigger. These enhancements help shooters achieve better accuracy and a smoother shooting experience.

Recoil Management

Effective recoil management is crucial for controlling Glock 43X, especially during rapid fire. One standard solution is upgrading the recoil spring. The ISMI Recoil Spring offers improved durability and can help reduce felt recoil.

For those who prefer an even softer shooting experience, adding a recoil buffer can help. This small addition inserts into the recoil spring assembly further dampens the impact.

Other functional enhancements include extended magazine releases and slide locks, which provide better handling and ease of use, particularly for those with larger hands.

Trigger Upgrades

Upgrading the trigger is another popular way to enhance the Glock 43X. The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Kit is a widely recommended option. This drop-in kit reduces pre-travel and shortens the trigger reset, offering a smoother pull.

Another option is the Overwatch Precision Trigger Kit. Users report that it makes the trigger pull lighter and more consistent. This is particularly beneficial for competitive shooting or rapid-fire situations.

These trigger enhancements improve accuracy and overall shooting comfort. Both kits are relatively easy to install, making them accessible even for those new to firearm customization.

Aesthetic Modifications

Aesthetic modifications for the Glock 43X can enhance its look and functionality. Specific parts like custom grips and slide covers can significantly improve appearance and handling.

Custom Grips

Custom grips are one of the most popular aesthetic upgrades for the Glock 43X. Textured grips provide a better hold and come in various designs and colors. Materials like rubber and stippled polymer are choices that offer both comfort and durability.

Enhanced ergonomics improve comfort during use, especially for extended periods. Brands like Hogue and Talon Grips produce reliable products for different hand sizes and preferences.

Color options are another way to customize your Glock 43X. Whether you prefer a muted tone like black or a more vibrant color like red or blue, a wide range matches your taste. Some custom grips even come with unique patterns that can add a personalized touch to your firearm.

Slide Covers

Slide covers are another aesthetic modification that protects the slide and adds style. Commonly made from aluminum or polymer, these covers are durable and lightweight. They often feature designs ranging from simple logos to more intricate patterns.

A well-designed slide cover can give your Glock 43X a distinct look. Brands like Bastion and NDZ Performance are known for their high-quality cover plates. These can be easily installed and swapped, allowing for quick customization.

Stylish but more functional, some slide covers feature serrations that improve grip during slide manipulation. This is especially useful in high-stress scenarios where a secure grip is crucial.

Holsters and Carry Options

Finding the right holster for a Glock 43X is essential for comfortable and secure concealed carry. Various options are available to suit different preferences and needs.

IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holsters

IWB holsters are popular because they tuck inside your waistband, offering excellent concealment. Brands like Alien Gear and CrossBreed offer custom-molded options designed for the Glock 43X. These holsters are often adjustable for ride height and cant, allowing for a personalized fit.

OWB (Outside the Waistband) Holsters

OWB holsters attach to a belt outside the waistband, making them easier to draw from but less concealable. DeSantis and Wright Leather Works provide high-quality OWB holsters close to the body, minimizing printing. These are ideal for open carry or use at the range.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters distribute the weight across the shoulders and can be more comfortable for extended wear. They are typically adjustable and can fit under a jacket for added concealment. These holsters are suitable for those who prefer carrying off the beltline.


Several materials are available for holsters, each with its pros and cons:

  • Leather: Durable and molds to the body over time for comfort.
  • Kydex: Lightweight, rigid, and offers excellent retention.
  • Hybrid: Combines a Kydex shell with a leather backing to balance comfort and rigidity.

Popular Picks

  • DeSantis’ IWB Holsters: Known for their American-premium hides and synthetic options.
  • CrossBreed Holsters: Offers versatile carry solutions with a focus on comfort.
  • Wright Leather Works: Provides ergonomically designed OWB holsters for enhanced mobility.

Choosing the best holster involves considering comfort, concealability, and personal preference to ensure a secure and efficient carry experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common questions about enhancing the performance and usability of the Glock 43X. It covers sights, trigger upgrades, grip enhancement, red dot sights, holsters, and reliability improvements.

What are the best aftermarket sights for the Glock 43X?

Many users prefer night sights for improved visibility in low-light conditions. For instance, Night Fision offers standard-height iron sights known for their durability and brightness.

Another popular option is the Trijicon HD night sights, which provide a clear and bright sight picture.

How does a trigger upgrade improve the performance of the Glock 43X?

Upgrading the trigger can make the Glock 43X easier and more comfortable to shoot.

The Overwatch Precision Trigger Kit reduces pre-travel and provides a smoother pull. This helps with accuracy and faster follow-up shots by shortening the reset and lightening the trigger pull.

What options are available for enhancing the grip of the Glock 43X?

You can add grip extensions or use grip tape to enhance your hold on the Glock 43X.

Talon Grips offers adhesive grip enhancements that are easy to apply. Tyrant CNC also has magazine extensions that improve grip and increase magazine capacity.

Can the Glock 43X be equipped with a red dot sight?

Yes, the Glock 43X can be equipped with a red dot sight.

You will need a machined slide to accept a red dot, or you can buy an aftermarket slide that fits famous red dot sights like the Trijicon RMR or the Holosun series.

What are the top-rated holsters for Glock 43X for concealed carry?

Some of the best holsters for the Glock 43X are designed for comfort and easy access.

The Tulster IWB (Inside Waistband) holster is highly rated for its slim profile and adjustable retention. Another excellent option is the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck, known for its comfortable design and customizable fit.

Are there any standard reliability upgrades recommended for the Glock 43X?

Many recommend upgrading the recoil spring and guide rod to ensure optimal performance.

The stainless steel guide rod by GlockStore adds durability and can improve the cycling of the firearm. Additionally, using high-quality ammunition and regular maintenance contributes to better reliability.

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