IWB Holster Glock 19, CYA Supply Co: Expert Review and Comparison

When it comes to concealed carry, finding the perfect holster is paramount for comfort, safety, and accessibility. One popular option is the Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster, which provides a discreet way to carry a firearm and allows for quick access when needed. A leading provider of IWB holsters is CYA Supply Co., we are a veteran-owned company known for its quality, durability, and attention to detail.

For Glock 19 owners, CYA Supply Co. offers a range of IWB holsters designed to meet the unique needs of each individual user. With models like the Base, Path, and Ridge, these holsters deliver a precision fit, fully protect the trigger and mag release, and can be worn in various positions such as cross-draw, appendix, strong side, or small of back. Ultimately, CYA Supply Co. holsters are crafted with the safety and comfort of the user in mind.

Key Takeaways

  • CYA Supply Co. offers a variety of IWB holsters for Glock 19 owners
  • These holsters provide a secure, comfortable, and discreet carry option
  • User safety and comfort are top priorities in CYA Supply Co. holster designs

Understanding IWB Holster Glock 19

The Glock 19 is a popular concealed carry weapon due to its compact size, reliability, and high performance. To effectively and comfortably carry a Glock 19, many owners choose to use an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster. An IWB holster allows the wearer to comfortably conceal their firearm inside their pants, making it less visible and more secure.

A super reputable company offering IWB holsters specifically designed for the Glock 19 is CYA Supply Co. We have several options to accommodate users' preferences and requirements. The Base IWB is a simple, versatile, and cost-effective IWB holster option for the Glock 19. It is available with right or left-hand draw orientation and a variety of colors, as well as in optics ready or non-optics configurations.

Another option from CYA Supply Co. is the Ridge IWB holster, designed to incorporate the most requested features for modern Glock 19 concealed carry. This holster allows for optics, look-through/suppressor sights, compensators, and threaded barrels, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Glock 19 configurations.

For those looking for maximum adjustability without sacrificing functionality, the Path IWB holster is an excellent choice. This innovative design features a patent-pending adjustable concealment claw and easy-on claw pad that allow the user to fine-tune ride height and cant to suit their preferences and body type.

In conclusion, when selecting an IWB holster for the Glock 19, it is essential to consider factors such as adjustability, compatibility with firearm configuration, personal comfort, and concealability. CYA Supply Co. offers a range of IWB holsters tailored to Glock 19 owners, ensuring that they can find the perfect fit for their needs and preferences.

Key Features of CYA Supply Co. Holster

The CYA Supply Co. holster offers several noteworthy features for Glock 19 owners who are seeking a reliable and comfortable IWB (Inside the Waistband) option. This section will focus on the adjustability of the holsters and its compatibility with optics and lasers.


One of the key selling points of the CYA Supply Co. holster is its adjustability. This IWB holster allows users to fine-tune their preferences by offering a fully adjustable cant and ride height. The cant, which refers to the angle at which the gun is carried, can be easily adjusted using the provided screws. Similarly, the ride height, or the placement of the gun in relation to the waistband, is adjustable to ensure an optimal fit for each user. These features enhance the overall comfort and accessibility of the firearm, making the CYA Supply Co. holster a popular choice for everyday concealed carry.

Optics and Lasers

Although the CYA Supply Co. holster for Glock 19 does not explicitly mention compatibility with optics and lasers, such as red dot sights (RDS) and laser sighting systems, there are options available within their line of holsters that can accommodate certain accessories, such as optics and red dots. This ensures that Glock 19 users can find a suitable holster that satisfies their specific needs and preferences. However, it is important to verify the compatibility of your chosen accessory with the specific CYA Supply Co. holster model to guarantee a secure and accurate fit.

In conclusion, the CYA Supply Co. holster for Glock 19 is designed with the user's comfort and accessibility in mind, offering customizable features that make it a premier choice for concealed carry enthusiasts. With options available to accommodate additional accessories, such as optics and lasers, the CYA Supply Co. holster provides a versatile solution for your IWB holster needs.

Benefits of Concealed Carry

Carrying a concealed firearm offers numerous advantages, allowing individuals to protect themselves while maintaining discretion. With products like the IWB holster for Glock 19 from CYA Supply Co., users can enjoy a comfortable and secure solution for concealed carry.

One significant benefit of concealed carry is the element of surprise. By keeping their firearm hidden, the person can maintain control of the situation if faced with a potential threat. This can deter or neutralize any adversaries without drawing unnecessary attention or causing panic among others in the vicinity.

Another advantage of concealing a firearm is increased personal safety. Carrying a concealed weapon empowers the person to defend themselves and their loved ones in case of emergencies. The mere presence of a firearm on one's person can provide a sense of confidence and security.

To facilitate concealment, the use of specialized holsters such as those offered by CYA Supply Co. is essential. Their IWB holsters, specifically designed for Glock 19 pistols, provide an effective way to comfortably carry firearms without needing any additional clothing layers. The Base IWB holster features audible click retention, adjustable cant, and a full sweat guard, adding to its functionality and comfort.

Concealment claw is a popular addition to IWB holsters, enhancing their concealability. The claw presses against the wearer's belt, angling the grip of the firearm closer to the body, resulting in reduced printing. The combination of an IWB holster and a concealment claw can significantly improve the comfort and effectiveness of concealed carry.

To summarize, concealed carry provides the bearer with a sense of security while enabling them to maintain a low profile. By utilizing reliable and well-designed IWB holsters, like those from CYA Supply Co., concealed carry practitioners can exercise their right to self-defense confidently and discreetly.

Why Choose CYA Supply Co. Holster

CYA Supply Co. offers high-quality IWB holsters for Glock 19 handguns, which have been designed with unique features and stand out in a crowded market. They are committed to providing superior holsters at an affordable price while also offering a lifetime warranty for their products.

One of the most notable aspects of CYA Supply Co.'s holsters is their audible click retention - a feature that gives the user confidence that their firearm is securely locked in place. Along with this, the holsters offer adjustable retention and cant, allowing the user to set their preferred angle for a customizable and comfortable fit.

CYA Supply Co. also understands the importance of protection against sweat and corrosion. With a full-length sweat guard implemented in their holsters, the Glock 19 is well protected from potential damage due to moisture. Furthermore, these holsters are designed with smooth edges and a minimalist cut, ensuring superior comfort for everyday carry.

Pricing is another notable aspect, as CYA Supply Co. makes sure their products are within the budget of most individuals while maintaining high quality. Their holsters are priced starting under $40, making them an excellent option for those seeking a reliable and affordable holster.

In addition to their quality products, CYA Supply Co. is a veteran-owned company, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and dedication to their customers. They stand behind their holsters and offer a lifetime warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the durability and reliability of their products.

When considering returns, CYA Supply Co. has a policy that ensures customer satisfaction. They always strive to address any issues or concerns that their customers may have, placing utmost priority on maintaining a strong relationship with their clientele.

In conclusion, CYA Supply Co.'s holsters for Glock 19 handguns offer unique features and stand out in a crowded market. Their commitment to providing superior holsters at an affordable price while offering a lifetime warranty makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality IWB holster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top IWB holsters for a Glock 19?

CYA Supply Co. offers a selection of high-quality IWB holsters for the Glock 19, including the Base IWB, Ridge IWB, and Path IWB holsters. Each of these holsters is designed for concealed carry with maximum adjustability and comfort in mind.

How does CYA Supply Co. IWB holster compare to other concealed carry options?

The CYA Supply Co. IWB holsters for Glock 19 feature an audible click retention system, adjustable retention and cant, full sweat guard, and smooth edges with a minimalist cut for superior comfort during everyday carry. These design elements help the CYA Supply Co. holsters stand out among other concealed carry options on the market.

What are users saying about CYA Supply Co. holster?

Customers appreciate the quality, durability, and attention to detail that CYA Supply Co. is known for. Users with Glock 19 firearms find the holsters to be comfortable and secure, and they appreciate the easy exchange and 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Are CYA holsters available on Amazon?

Yes, CYA Supply Co. holsters, including those designed for Glock 19, are available on Amazon. Customers can find a variety of models with different features to suit their personal preferences and requirements.

What makes CYA holsters suitable for Glock 43X?

CYA Supply Co. offers holsters specifically designed for the Glock 43X, with the same features that make their Glock 19 holsters popular. These features include adjustable retention and cant, full sweat guard, smooth edges, and minimalist cut for everyday comfort and concealed carry.

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