M&P 2.0: Enhancing Performance and Reliability

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 series has built a solid reputation among firearm enthusiasts. Many praise it for its reliability, accuracy, and ergonomic design. These pistols feature a sturdy, striker-fired mechanism, multiple backstrap options, and a textured grip for better control.

One of the standout features is their consistent performance in professional and recreational settings. Whether for personal defense, competition, or duty use, these pistols offer features that cater to a wide range of needs.

With various models like the M2.0 Competitor and the compact versions, there's a version of the M&P 2.0 for just about everyone. From seasoned shooters to newcomers, the M&P 2.0 series aims to deliver quality and performance in a reliable package.

Key Takeaways

  • The M&P 2.0 series is praised for reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics.
  • Features include multiple backstraps and a textured grip for control.
  • Suitable for defense, competition, and duty use.

Design and Features

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 has notable frame, grip, and slide design upgrades, which improve the gun's performance, handling, and user experience.Check out the best Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Holster 

Frame and Construction

The M&P 2.0 frame is made from durable polymer and has a steel skeleton running the full length of the frame. This steel reinforcement enhances the frame's rigidity and helps reduce recoil, making the gun more accurate and reliable.

Despite the added steel, the frame maintains a lightweight feel. The pistol's overall weight is about 24.7 ounces. The polymer material also ensures the frame is robust and can withstand intense use, making it a reliable choice for professional and recreational shooters.

Grip and Texture

The M&P 2.0's grip texture is designed to be aggressive, providing a secure hold even in wet conditions or when wearing gloves. This texture helps maintain control during rapid firing and is especially beneficial for service pistols.

Four interchangeable backstraps allow users to customize the grip size to fit their hands perfectly. With an 18-degree grip angle, the pistol sits naturally in hand, enhancing its ergonomics and overall handling.

Slide Design

The slide of the M&P 2.0 features prominent serrations at both the front and rear. These slide serrations make it easier to rack the slide, even in adverse conditions. The stainless steel slide is finished with Armornite, a coating that improves durability and resistance to corrosion and wear.

The slide also includes a slide stop/release that is easily accessible and ambidextrous, catering to left- and right-handed shooters. Additionally, the 4.25-inch barrel is made of stainless steel, contributing to the gun's accuracy and performance.

Performance and Use

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 series offers a range of features that enhance performance and ease of use. Key aspects include its trigger mechanism, sights, accuracy, and the various calibers and capacities it supports.

Trigger Mechanism

The M&P 2.0 features an impressive trigger mechanism that contributing significantly to its performance. The trigger pull is known to be crisp with a smooth reset, making it ideal for rapid follow-up shots. Users report that the strike-fired system ensures reliability and consistency. This is especially important for a full-size pistol, where control and quick response are crucial. Upgraded models often include a tuned trigger from Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center, further enhancing the shooting experience. Overall, the trigger setup offers a balanced mix of safety and responsiveness.

Sights and Accuracy

Accuracy is a standout feature of the M&P 2.0 series. The gun is equipped with high-quality sights, often compatible with Trijicon optics, enhancing target acquisition and precision. The recoil-flattening ported barrel is a notable upgrade in the Performance Center editions, reducing muzzle rise and aiding accuracy. The ergonomically designed grip and adjustable backstraps improve handling and stability, making it easier for shooters to maintain accuracy during rapid fire. Such features ensure that the M&P 2.0 remains a reliable choice for novice and experienced users, whether for self-defense or competition.

Capacity and Caliber

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 series boasts a variety of calibers and magazine capacities to suit different needs. Standard options include 9mm, .40 S&W, and 10mm, with magazine capacities ranging from 10 to 17 rounds. The 9mm version, for instance, typically offers a 17+1 capacity, making it suitable for extended use without frequent reloads. The extended magazine options provide added flexibility and convenience. The series’ affordability, with an MSRP generally between $700 and $900, ensures users get good value for a high-performance full-size pistol. This makes the M&P 2.0 a versatile firearm catering to many users and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 is a prominent handgun choice, notable for its reliability, ergonomic design, and various upgrades over its predecessor. Below are covered key aspects such as suitability for concealed carry, comparisons with popular models like Glock, and specific features and options.

Is the M&P 2.0 a suitable choice for concealed carry?

The M&P 2.0 is considered a good option for concealed carry. It is available in compact sizes, which makes it easier to hide. The gun also has a slim profile and aggressive grip textures that aid in handling and drawing from a concealed position.

How does the M&P 2.0 compare to Glock regarding reliability and performance?

The M&P 2.0 is often compared to Glock models for its reliable performance. Both brands are renowned for their durability and accuracy. Users usually note the key benefits of the M&P 2.0's improved trigger and ergonomic grips. Additionally, like Glock, it is favored by many law enforcement agencies for its consistent reliability.

What are the size variations available within the M&P 2.0 lineup?

The M&P 2.0 lineup includes several size options to suit different needs. These include full-size, compact, and subcompact models. Each variation is designed to provide the best possible balance between capacity, concealability, and ease of use, depending on the user's preference and intended use.

What is the magazine capacity for the M&P 2.0 chambered in 9mm?

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 chambered in 9mm typically has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds in its full-size version. The compact and subcompact versions have slightly lower capacities, generally around 10 to 15 rounds, depending on the specific model and configuration.

What improvements have been made in the M&P 2.0 compared to the original M&P?

The M&P 2.0 features several upgrades over the original M&P. These improvements include a better trigger design with a lighter pull, enhanced grip texture for better control, and a more durable frame. Adding four interchangeable backstraps improves the ergonomics, making it adaptable to a broader range of hand sizes.

What are the options for caliber and barrel length in the M&P 2.0 series?

The M&P 2.0 series is available in multiple calibers, including 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Barrel lengths vary across the lineup, typically ranging from 3.6 inches for the subcompact models to 5 inches for the more extended, full-size models. This variety allows users to choose their preferred balance of power, accuracy, and ease of carry.

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