SHOT Show 2024 Highlights: Unveiling the Future of Firearms and Tactical Gear

The SHOT Show 2024 held the spotlight as the premier event in the firearms industry, taking place at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum in Las Vegas. This year's event showcased an array of new products and served as a critical platform for professionals to interact and forge new connections in the field. Industry leaders, along with thousands of exhibitors and attendees, gathered to witness the latest innovations in firearms, ammunition, and related gear.

Throughout the four days, the show not only highlighted upcoming trends and technologies but also emphasized the importance of networking within the industry. A significant emphasis on law enforcement and military engagement was present, promoting a dialogue between manufacturers and those at the frontline of defense. The breadth of the show allowed for a comprehensive overview of the industry’s current state and a peek into its future trajectory.

Key Takeaways

  • SHOT Show 2024 provided an extensive display of industry advancements and product launches.
  • The event's location at the iconic Venetian Expo in Las Vegas facilitated ample opportunities for professional networking and media engagement.
  • Insight into future trends and consumer interests was gleaned through the interaction between exhibitors and attendees.

What new firearms will be introduced at the upcoming SHOT Show?

Attendees at SHOT Show 2024 can expect a diverse array of new firearms. Manufacturers are unveiling their latest innovations, catering to various segments from lightweight upland guns to customizable tactical handguns.


  • Benelli will be introducing a lighter Montefeltro, offering a 6.3-pound version in 12 gauge, ideal for those seeking a lightweight bird gun without compromising on quality.


  • A variety of new budget-friendly 2011-style pistols will be on display. Notably, the MAC 9 DS, imported by SDS Imports, features an all-black finish with well-designed grip texture on its polymer module.
  • The shooting world will also see a blend of classic and contemporary with the 1873 Hunter six-shot revolvers. These revolvers are compatible with traditional .45 LC and .44 Magnum rounds and come integrated with modern Picatinny rails for optics.

Live-Fire Range Day

  • Industry professionals had the opportunity to experience new firearms firsthand during the SHOT Show 2024 live-fire range day, which served as an interactive sneak peek of this year's models.

The SHOT Show remains a pivotal event for firearm enthusiasts, offering a first look at the practical and innovative designs set to shape the future of firearms in various sectors, from hunting and sport shooting to personal security and tactical operations.

Event Overview

The 2024 SHOT Show, the annual trade event for the shooting, hunting, and firearms industry, is a focal point for industry professionals, manufacturers, and buyers. The event stands as a comprehensive showcase for the latest in firearms, with key exhibitors displaying a range of products from innovative weapons to tactical gear.

Venue Highlights

The 2024 SHOT Show is hosted at the expansive Venetian Expo + Caesars Forum, providing a grand stage for over 2,500 exhibits. The venue offers extended exhibit hall hours, highlighting the latest in firearms and tactical equipment. Exhibitors from venerable manufacturers to new entrants occupy the extensive floor space, with dedicated areas for wholesales and commercial buyers to network and explore.

  • Exhibit Hall Hours:
    • Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Attendance and Participants

A gathering of significance, the SHOT Show attracts a diverse array of attendees including wholesalers, industry professionals, and commercial buyers. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) orchestrates the event, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants. The show provides opportunities for manufacturers to interact directly with buyers from law enforcement and retail sectors, fostering professional relationships and business development.

Main Attractions

The 2024 SHOT Show is the premier event for the firearms industry, showcasing new products, featuring educational sessions, and offering extensive networking opportunities. Attendees can explore a multitude of exhibition areas, witness innovative product showcases, and take advantage of comprehensive education and training offerings.

Exhibition Areas

The SHOT Show spans several prominent venues, including the expansive Caesars Forum and the Venetian, each housing an array of exhibitors. Caesars Forum, centrally located, is the main hub for an assortment of firearm brands, outdoor equipment, and tactical gear. The Venetian serves as a secondary nexus, focusing more on high-quality accessory manufacturers and smaller, specialized vendors. One can expect to see a dedicated Archery Business Pavilion, reflecting the growing interest and innovation in archery-related products.

Product Showcases

Exhibitors at the SHOT Show take pride in unveiling their latest offerings, with many scheduling special events for their new releases. These showcases are critical for manufacturers to spotlight advancements and for attendees to discover the next big thing in the industry. High-demand items typically include breakthrough firearms, cutting-edge tactical equipment, and advanced outdoor accessories. The highly curated displays and demonstrations provide a firsthand look at the ingenuity fueling the market.

Education and Training

Education is a cornerstone of the SHOT Show experience. The event hosts SHOT University, an intensive seminar featuring industry experts discussing business strategies and market trends. Additionally, the Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) offers specialized training and insights for law enforcement agencies. For those interested in broader knowledge, various education sessions run concurrently, covering topics from retail innovations to compliance regulations. These educational offerings are essential for professionals aiming to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of the firearms industry.

Networking and Media Presence

The SHOT Show 2024 stands as a pivotal event for industry connectivity and media exposure, providing unparalleled opportunities for professionals to engage and media outlets to disseminate information.

Media Coverage

Media Registration: Key players from the media spectrum, including social media influencers and traditional news agencies, mark their calendars for the SHOT Show. They are encouraged to apply for credentials early, given the prestige of the SHOT Show within the industry and the competitive process for media passes.

Platforms for Coverage: Outlets maximize their presence via various platforms, notably YouTube and other social media channels, to reach a broad audience. Detailed insights, industry revelations, and live experiences are chronicled and readily available to enthusiasts who may not be present at the venue.

Industry After-Hours

Networking Events: As the day's official events wind down, networking thrives in settings such as the celebrated Shot After Dark and the All-Star Jam Concert. These gatherings foster invaluable interactions among professionals from the outdoor sportsman group and other sectors.

Engagement with Athletes: The intersection of firearms and sporting often brings stalwarts from various fields, including the NFL, to SHOT Show's networking events. These relaxed environments allow for fluid exchange of ideas and collaboration, strengthening ties within the industry.

Innovations and Trends

The 2024 SHOT Show has unveiled significant innovations and observable market shifts, particularly within technology enhancement and tactical gear evolution.

Technological Advancements

Technological progress within the firearms industry is rapidly advancing. One of the standout innovations includes cutting-edge optics that are pushing the boundaries of clarity and precision. Enhanced sights and optic systems boast increased durability and greater accuracy for various shooting conditions.

Additionally, trigger mechanisms have seen substantial improvements, with manufacturers introducing designs that offer crisp actuation and shorter reset paths. SHOT Show 2024 attendees have witnessed the unveiling of trigger systems that promise a more refined shooting experience. Brands like Shadow Systems are gaining attention for their forward-thinking approach to firearm mechanics.

Market Shifts

The firearms accessory market is showing a marked preference towards modularity and versatility. Consumers are now expecting tactical products and accessories to offer adaptability to a wide range of scenarios.

Suppressors continue to see a rise in consumer interest due to advances in noise reduction technology and materials, making them lighter and more robust. The market shift also indicates a growing demand for integrated suppressor systems, as seen from the offerings at the SHOT Show.

The industry's shift towards personal customization and enhancement of shooting equipment suggests a future where users can further tailor their firearms to meet specific needs, a trend boldly represented in the array of products featured during the SHOT Show 2024.

Law Enforcement and Military Engagement

The SHOT Show 2024 features dedicated avenues for law enforcement and military personnel to advance their knowledge and connect with leading manufacturers. They benefit from specialized educational programs and exhibitions tailored to their unique needs.

Law Enforcement Education

The Law Enforcement and Armed Forces section at the SHOT Show provides a vast array of educational opportunities targeted at law enforcement professionals. Specific attention is paid to the latest regulations influencing law enforcement operations. Comprehensive training sessions and workshops are designed to impart practical skills and knowledge on the use of various firearms, from handguns to rifles and shotguns.

  • Topics covered include:
    • Handling and deployment of ammunition
    • Maintenance and care of firearms
    • Advanced shooting techniques

Military Vendor Exhibitions

The event schedule showcases a broad spectrum of military vendor exhibitions. Military buyers will find an extensive display of rifles, shotguns, and handguns from the industry's top distributors. This segment facilitates direct interaction between the military and manufacturers, fostering a deeper understanding of the latest firearms and tactical equipment.

  • Highlights:
    • Demonstrations of new firearm models
    • Ammunition advancements and accessories
    • Integration of modern technology in tactical operations

Attendees actively engage with experts to ensure their procurement aligns with current standards and optimal field performance.

Consumer Interaction and Sales

The SHOT Show 2024 serves as an essential platform for consumer engagement and boosts sales potential through targeted retailer programs and exclusive product unveilings.

Retailer and Buyer Focus

The SHOT Show prioritizes the interaction between retailers and buyers, creating an environment conducive to forging strong business relationships and facilitating transactions. A strategic emphasis is placed on the customer experience, ensuring that each attendee discovers opportunities for growth and sales improvement. Attendees benefit from the Supplier Showcase, which provides insight into new offerings and aids in direct networking.

Product Launches and Offers

Among the buzz of the event are the showcases of new product launches, notably from prominent brands like Glock and Kel-Tec. Highlights include new pistols that promise innovation and performance. Exclusive offers at the New Product Center not only generate excitement but also drive immediate sales and future demand for featured items. Here, retailers can connect with suppliers to negotiate deals, enhancing the sales experience.

  • Products on Display:
    • Glock's latest line of compact pistols
    • Kel-Tec's innovative firearms solutions
  • Special Offers:
    • Limited-time discounts on select inventory
    • Promotions for early orders placed during the show

By implementing these focal points, SHOT Show 2024 aims to elevate the standard for industry sales dynamics and news dissemination.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are key details attendees often inquire about regarding SHOT Show 2024, from ticket purchases and registration to exhibitor listings and attendance eligibility.

How can one purchase tickets for the SHOT Show and what is the cost?

Tickets for the SHOT Show are typically sold through the event's official website, though specific pricing details should be confirmed as they can vary based on several factors including registration date and attendee type.

What are some of the major rumors or expected highlights for the SHOT Show?

While rumors often circulate about product launches and industry news, attendees can anticipate the unveiling of new firearms, tactical gear, and technological advancements within the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.

Which exhibitors will be present at the SHOT Show, and is there a list available?

A comprehensive list of exhibitors is available, detailing companies showcasing their latest products and innovations. This list is accessible on the SHOT Show's official exhibitor directory.

What is the process for registering to attend the SHOT Show?

Registration for attending the SHOT Show typically involves providing business credentials, completing an attendee profile, and may necessitate a unique email for each registrant. Specific instructions are outlined on the SHOT Show's attendee FAQs page.

Are members of the general public allowed to attend the SHOT Show?

The SHOT Show is a trade event designed for professionals in the shooting, hunting, outdoor, and law enforcement industries and is not open to the general public. Attendance is restricted to those who meet the industry-related criteria.

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