Sig P365X Review: Compact Power Redefined

The Sig Sauer P365X elevates the standard for everyday carry firearms, combining compact size with high-capacity and performance. Originating from the well-received P365 line, the P365X model offers a blend of features that cater to both concealed carriers and firearm enthusiasts. With a 3.1-inch barrel and a 12-round magazine capacity, this micro-compact handgun doesn't sacrifice firepower for size. Its XSeries grip module furnishes a firm hold and better ergonomics, while the flat trigger is designed to provide consistent finger placement for precise shooting.

On the matter of sights, the P365X is equipped with the XRay3 day/night sights for better target acquisition in varying lighting conditions. Moreover, thanks to its compatibility with red-dot optics, the P365X extends its utility to those preferring modern sighting solutions. Availability in various calibers ensures that this handgun meets the preferences of a broad user base, while adherence to state and federal regulations means that it is accessible to a wide audience across different jurisdictions.

Key Takeaways

  • The P365X is a high-capacity, micro-compact handgun optimal for concealed carry.
  • It features an XSeries grip, flat trigger, and is red-dot optic compatible.
  • Compliant with multiple calibers and regulations, the P365X offers customization options.

Design and Features

The SIG SAUER P365X features a blend of high concealability with substantial firepower, making it a prominent choice in the micro-compact handgun category. It has been crafted to offer a balance between a comfortable carry and practical performance.

Ergonomics and Aesthetics

The P365X sports a black Nitron-finished stainless steel slide, contributing to its sleek design. Ergonomically, it is engineered for a comfortable grip and handling, with a clean, crisp trigger pull that shooters appreciate.Check out the best SIG P356 Holster for concealed carry.


  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Magazine Capacity: Ships with two 12-round magazines
  • Sights: Optics-ready with RX footprint
  • Barrel Length: 3.1 inches

Slide and Barrel

The P365X is equipped with a stainless steel slide that is both durable and optics-ready, acknowledging modern preferences for red-dot sights. The barrel measures at 3.1 inches in length, favoring both accuracy and concealability.

Frame and Grip Module

The frame is crafted with a focus on a secure grip, featuring a textured pattern for a firm handhold. The grip module is integral to the design, offering a solid platform for shooting control and comfort.


The SIG SAUER P365X combines concealability with competent performance. This micro-compact handgun is designed to offer a balance of accuracy and reliability, facilitated by a well-engineered trigger system.

Accuracy and Reliability

The P365X's performance in terms of accuracy is notable for a firearm of its size. Its ergonomics and sight configuration contribute to a steady aim and precision, though, as with any compact handgun, the short sight radius can present challenges at extended ranges. Reliability is a cornerstone of the P365X's design, with users reporting consistent function across various ammunition types. SIG SAUER's reputation lends credence to these expectations of dependability in the field.

  • Sight Radius: Shorter, may affect long-range accuracy
  • Ammunition: Versatile compatibility
  • User Reports: Positive feedback on consistent performance

Trigger System

The trigger system of the P365X is a critical component in its operational performance. It features a clean break and a tactile, audible reset, which allows for quick follow-up shots. The quality of the trigger pull aids shooters in maintaining accuracy even under rapid fire conditions.

  • Trigger Pull: Crisp with a noticeable break
  • Reset: Audible and tactile, facilitating rapid subsequent shots

Overall, the P365X's performance is a balance of compact design and reliable functionality, reinforced by a robust trigger system that aids in maintaining accuracy.

Pros and Cons of the Sig P365X for Concealed Carry


  1. Compact Size: The P365X is designed to be easily concealable, making it an ideal choice for everyday carry.
  2. High Capacity: Despite its small size, the 12-round magazine offers ample firepower.
  3. Ergonomics: The XSeries grip module provides a comfortable and secure hold, improving handling and accuracy.
  4. Trigger Design: The flat trigger ensures consistent finger placement, which enhances shooting precision.
  5. Sights: XRay3 day/night sights improve visibility and target acquisition in all lighting conditions.
  6. Optics Ready: Compatibility with red-dot optics offers modern sighting options, appealing to tech-savvy shooters.
  7. Caliber Options: Available in various calibers, the P365X caters to different shooting preferences and needs.
  8. Build Quality: Sig Sauer’s reputation for quality and reliability is evident in the P365X, making it a trustworthy firearm.


  1. Price: The P365X can be more expensive than other micro-compact handguns on the market.
  2. Weight: While compact, some users may find the P365X slightly heavier than other options in its class.
  3. Magazine Cost: Additional magazines can be costly, which may add to the overall expense.
  4. Learning Curve: New shooters might need time to adjust to the flat trigger and ergonomics.
  5. Recoil: Some users report that the recoil is more noticeable due to its compact size.

User-Based Takeaways

  1. Versatile and Reliable: The P365X is highly regarded for its balance of size, capacity, and performance, making it a reliable choice for daily concealed carry.
  2. Ergonomics Matter: Many users appreciate the comfortable grip and improved ergonomics, which enhance shooting accuracy and overall handling.
  3. Modern Sighting Solutions: The red-dot optics compatibility is a significant plus for those who prefer advanced sighting options.
  4. Investment Worthy: Despite a higher price point, users find the quality, reliability, and features of the P365X justify the investment.
  5. Recoil Management: While some notice the recoil, most find it manageable and worth the trade-off for its compact and powerful design.


Concealed Carry Handgun: The P365X Advantage

When selecting a concealed carry handgun, the Sig P365X stands out for its combination of compact design and high-capacity performance. The micro-compact pistol market is crowded, but the P365X carves out its niche by offering a 12-round magazine in a package that's small enough for easy concealment. This balance between size and capacity is crucial for those who prioritize both discretion and preparedness. Unlike some other models that force a trade-off between firepower and portability, the P365X provides an optimal solution for everyday carry.

Micro-Compact Pistol: Superior Performance in a Small Package

The term micro-compact pistol often conjures images of compromised performance and limited capacity, but the Sig P365X defies these expectations. It features a robust build quality and a 3.1-inch barrel that delivers reliable accuracy and stopping power. The XSeries grip module enhances the firearm's ergonomics, making it comfortable to handle and easy to control despite its smaller size. Whether you're an experienced shooter or new to concealed carry, the P365X's design facilitates better shooting performance and ease of use.

Everyday Carry Firearm: Practicality Meets Innovation

Choosing an everyday carry firearm involves considering factors like reliability, ease of use, and the ability to perform under pressure. The Sig P365X excels in all these areas, making it a top choice for those who carry daily. Its XRay3 day/night sights ensure quick target acquisition in varying lighting conditions, while its compatibility with red-dot optics provides an additional layer of precision and modern functionality. The P365X's innovative features and practical design make it a formidable option for anyone looking to carry a dependable firearm every day.

High-Capacity Handgun: More Rounds for Greater Confidence

In the world of high-capacity handguns, the Sig P365X offers a standout feature set. Its 12-round magazine is impressive for a gun of its size, giving users more rounds than many larger handguns. This increased capacity means fewer reloads and greater confidence in high-stress situations. Coupled with Sig Sauer's reputation for reliability, the P365X ensures that users have both the quantity and quality of firepower they need for effective self-defense.

Sig Sauer Reliability: A Legacy of Trust

Sig Sauer is synonymous with reliability, and the P365X continues this legacy. When you invest in a Sig Sauer firearm, you are buying into decades of engineering excellence and field-proven performance. The P365X's robust construction and dependable operation make it a trusted companion for concealed carry. This handgun embodies Sig Sauer's commitment to creating firearms that users can rely on in critical moments, reinforcing its status as a top choice for everyday carry.

Compact Firearm Performance: Efficiency and Effectiveness

Performance is paramount for any compact firearm, and the P365X delivers in spades. Despite its small frame, it offers the accuracy and power typically associated with larger handguns. The flat trigger design contributes to consistent and precise shooting, while the overall build ensures that the firearm can withstand the rigors of regular use. For those seeking a compact firearm that doesn't compromise on performance, the P365X is an exceptional option.

Red-Dot Optics Ready: Modern Sighting Solutions

The P365X's readiness for red-dot optics sets it apart from many other handguns in its class. This feature is particularly appealing to shooters who prefer modern sighting solutions that enhance accuracy and target acquisition speed. The ability to easily attach a red-dot sight means that users can customize their firearm to suit their preferences and shooting style. This flexibility adds a layer of adaptability to the P365X, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.

XRay3 Sights: Clarity in All Conditions

The XRay3 sights on the Sig P365X provide exceptional visibility in both daylight and low-light conditions. These sights are designed to ensure that you can quickly and accurately acquire your target, regardless of the lighting situation. This feature is particularly important for a concealed carry firearm, as self-defense scenarios can occur in a variety of environments. The XRay3 sights give users the confidence that their aim will be true, no matter when or where they need to use their firearm.

Concealed Carry Ergonomics: Designed for Comfort and Control

Ergonomics play a critical role in the effectiveness of a concealed carry handgun, and the P365X excels in this area. The XSeries grip module provides a secure and comfortable hold, reducing fatigue and improving control during extended use. This ergonomic design ensures that the firearm feels natural in your hand, promoting better accuracy and quicker response times. For those who carry daily, the P365X's ergonomic advantages make it a top contender in the concealed carry market.

Accessories and Customization

Customizing the SIG P365X allows for enhanced performance and personalization to suit individual needs. Owners have access to a variety of aftermarket accessories, ranging from sights and optics to holsters, ensuring that the firearm can be tailored to fit any preference or application.

Sights and Optics

The SIG P365X can be fitted with various sights and optics to improve accuracy and target acquisition. Some popular upgrades include the Holosun EPS Carry, which offers a compact red dot option for the P365X. Additionally, for those preferring iron sights, there are options such as tritium night sights for better visibility in low-light conditions.

Holsters and Carry Options

A wide range of holsters and carry options are available for the P365X, allowing for secure and comfortable carry. An example is the Blackpoint Tactical Holster, which supports inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry and is designed to work with the Foxtrot365XR light attachment. Options like the ShapeShift Holster also provide versatility, as they can be adapted to various carry positions.

Aftermarket Support

The P365X enjoys substantial aftermarket support from numerous manufacturers. Owners can find everything from grip modules, like the Wilson Combat Grip Module, to magazine loaders/unloaders provided by brands like Maglula. There is also a variety of customized parts such as slide assemblies and threaded barrels available for the upgrade-minded shooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find concise and direct answers about the features, performance, and specifics regarding the Sig P365X.

What are the differences between the Sig P365 and the P365X in terms of features and performance?

The Sig P365X offers an XSeries grip module for improved ergonomics and typically comes with a 12 round flush fit magazine. It maintains the P365's crisp trigger pull while adding a flat trigger from the XSeries. In terms of performance, shooters can expect similar reliability and accuracy.

Can you explain the capacity and caliber of the P365X magazine?

The Sig P365X is chambered in 9mm and the standard magazine capacity is 12 rounds. There are also options for 10 and 15-round magazines that give users a choice between maximum concealability and increased capacity.

What options are available for adding a red dot sight to the Sig P365X?

The P365X is designed to accommodate red dot sights. The slide comes optic-ready, allowing for straightforward installation of popular micro red dot sights without the need for an adapter plate.

How does the Sig P365XL differ from the P365X, and which is better for concealed carry?

The Sig P365XL has a longer barrel and grip, providing a 0.79 inches overall length difference compared to the P365X. It may offer a slightly better grip and accuracy due to the increased size. However, the P365X's more compact design might be preferred for concealed carry due to its smaller footprint.

What are some of the reported downsides or drawbacks of the P365X model?

Some users have noted that the P365X, as with earlier P365 models, experienced reliability issues in the initial rounds fired. There are also reports considering the ergonomics might not suit all hand sizes despite the improved grip module.

Is there a manual safety option available on the Sig P365X, and how does it operate?

The P365X is available in a variant with a manual safety option. This safety is a lever on the frame that can be engaged to prevent the trigger from being pulled until it is disengaged manually.

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