Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Review: Unveiling the Upgrades

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 is the evolution of the original M&P series, culminating nearly two decades of refinement in design and engineering. This striker-fired, semi-automatic polymer pistol is a staple in the firearm community, catering to law enforcement, competitive shooters, and self-defense users alike. The M&P 2.0 features an extended stainless-steel chassis, providing increased rigidity, reduced flex, and improved accuracy.

The enhanced ergonomics of this model include an aggressive grip texture for better control and a lower barrel bore axis for improved recoil management and faster follow-up shots. The pistol also has an upgraded trigger system that offers a lighter, crisper pull, contributing to its overall operational efficiency. Presented in various calibers and sizes, the M&P 2.0 series is versatile, with features like optics-ready slides and improved sight systems, ensuring the pistol can be tailored to the user's specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • The M&P 2.0 builds upon its predecessor with significant ergonomic and mechanical enhancements.
  • Key features include a robust stainless-steel chassis, a lower bore axis, and a refined trigger system.
  • Available in different configurations, the M&P 2.0 offers versatility for various shooting disciplines and user preferences.

Design and Features

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 reflects precision engineering with enhanced performance advancements. This pistol series is reputed for its improved trigger system, advanced grip texture, and versatile frame design that accommodates various hand sizes.

Frame and Construction

The frame of the M&P 2.0 is molded from a durable polymer and integrates a steel chassis system, which extends the length of the frame, providing increased rigidity. It's constructed with a stainless steel slide and barrel, boasting an Armornite finish for corrosion resistance.


Smith & Wesson prioritizes ergonomics with the 18-degree grip angle of the M&P 2.0, which closely mimics the natural point of aim. The pistol features an aggressive grip texture and comes with four interchangeable backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes for optimal grip.

Safety and Operation

The M&P 2.0 is a striker-fired pistol offering a crisper trigger pull with a tactile and audible reset. Safety features may include a manual thumb safety and an ambidextrous slide stop. Additionally, a loaded chamber indicator visualizes a round in the chamber.

Sights and Optics

Out of the box, the M&P 2.0 typically comes equipped with three-dot iron sights. Some models are available with night sights, and the line also includes options that are optics-ready, prepared to mount reflex or red dot sights. The M&P 2.0 CORE models offer an easily customizable slide for various optics.


Customization options include a built-in Picatinny rail for attaching lights and lasers. The interchangeable back strap system and multiple cocking serrations allow users to modify the pistol to their personal preferences and handling requirements.

Caliber Variants

The M&P 2.0 series is available in several calibers, including 9mm, 40 S&W (M&P®40 M2.0), and 45 Auto, catering to various shooting preferences. Each model is designed to handle full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds effectively.

The information encapsulates the key elements concerning the design and features of the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 series, providing a glimpse into its structure and versatility.

Performance and Handling

When assessing the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0, its performance is characterized by a refined trigger mechanism, exceptional recoil and muzzle control, and unwavering reliability that meet the needs of both military and police duty use and civilian applications.

Trigger Mechanism

The M&P 2.0 has a flat M2.0™ trigger, providing users with a crisp break and an audible reset. This enhanced Performance Center® tuning leads to a trigger pull that promotes precision and rapid follow-up shots. Some users may opt for an aftermarket Apex Trigger, which is known for further improving the feel and performance of the trigger.

Recoil and Muzzle Control

Recoil management in the M&P 2.0 is aided by the gun's optimal 18-degree grip angle and the extended rigid embedded stainless steel chassis, which reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. These features allow for recoil and muzzle control that enable faster target reacquisition and more controlled shooting, even with more powerful rounds like the 10mm.


The M&P 2.0 is a duty pistol designed to function reliably under various conditions, making it a trusted sidearm for military & police forces globally. Malfunctions are rare, and the pistol's full-size frame, steel, and polymer construction confer enduring durability. Its consistent performance cements its status as a dependable firearm for professional and personal defense.

Comparative Analysis

This section offers a detailed evaluation of the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 by comparing it with its market rivals, analyzing its role in law enforcement, and assessing its performance in sport shooting and competitions.

M&P 2.0 vs Competitors

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 holds a prominent place among semi-auto pistols, pitted against strong contenders such as Glock's lineup of pistols. The M&P 2.0 stands out with its polymer frame, extended stainless steel chassis, and the availability of a variety of calibers, including 9mm, carried by a 17+1 capacity magazine. Compared to similar models like the Glock 17, the M&P M2.0 is often acclaimed for its ergonomic design featuring four interchangeable backstrap options and an aggressive grip texture for improved handling.


M&P M2.0

Competitor (e.g., Glock 17)

Frame Material




Extended stainless steel


Backstrap Options



Magazine Capacity



Law Enforcement Usage

The M&P 2.0, often regarded as a duty pistol of choice, is widely used by law enforcement personnel. It is a successor in the historic lineage of the Military & Police series pistols, designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement agencies. The M&P 2.0's reliability, accuracy, and ease of customization make it a formidable tool for law enforcement duties, where performance and dependability count.

Sport Shooting and Competitions

The M&P M2.0 has gained traction in sport shooting, such as USPSA and IPSC competitions. The pistol offers shooters a competitive edge with its enhanced trigger system and optimal ergonomics, conducive to rapid and precise firing sequences. Sport shooters also benefit from the robust construction and the capability to perform under diverse competitive scenarios.

Shooting Discipline

M&P 2.0 Suitability


Highly suitable


Highly suitable

Overall, the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 remains a respected and competitive choice in its class, well-suited for both law enforcement work and sports shooting competitions.

Practical Applications

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 series of pistols is suitable for various practical scenarios, leveraging its modularity and diverse configuration. These handguns cater to concealed carry aficionados and regulatory compliance without compromising performance and availability.

Concealed Carry and Self-Defense

Smith & Wesson's M&P 2.0 is preferred for concealed carry and self-defense due to its ergonomic design and customization options. The pistol's interchangeable backstraps make it accessible for shooters with different hand sizes to maintain a secure grip. Additionally, the series includes compact models, which are ideal carry guns for personal protection and lend themselves well to discreet concealed carry.

  • Concealed Carry: Compact variants offer users an optimal balance of size and capacity.
  • Home Defense: Full-size models are suitable for home defense with higher round capacity.

Regarding personal protection, the trigger and grip texture enhancements aid in reliable performance when it truly matters.

Compliance and Availability

The M&P 2.0 is marketed with broad availability and includes CA Compliant variants, adhering to strict regulations in states such as California. These models ensure that a wider audience can access reliable handguns for lawful purposes.

  • CA Compliant Models: Available to meet specific state regulatory requirements.
  • Market Availability: Extensive distribution in legal firearms markets.

These firearms maintain a robust market presence, ensuring that individuals seeking a handgun for personal protection or law enforcement duties have access to the M&P 2.0 line's versatility and compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses key inquiries about the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 handgun, providing essential information on price, carry suitability, upgrades, compatibility, trigger performance, and magazine capacity.

What is the price range for the S&W M&P 2.0 handgun?

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 is generally priced around $629 for the standard polymer model, with premium versions, such as those with aluminum frames and additional features, costing more.

How suitable is the M&P 2.0 for concealed carry?

With its compact variants, the M&P 2.0 offers options for concealed carry, offering a balance of size, ergonomics, and reliability appreciated by those needing a concealable firearm.

What are the critical improvements in the M&P 2.0 over its predecessors?

The M&P 2.0 features an extended stainless steel chassis to reduce flex and torque when firing, a new aggressive grip texture, and four interchangeable backstrap inserts to enhance ergonomics and control.

What accessories can be used with the M&P 2.0?

Accessories for the M&P 2.0 include a wide variety of sights, holsters, lights, lasers, and grip sleeves designed to be compatible with its rail and frame design.

How does the trigger performance of the M&P 2.0 compare to other handguns in its class?

The M&P 2.0's trigger is often noted for its crisp break and tactile reset, contributing to the handgun's accuracy and making it highly regarded compared to other striker-fired pistols in its class.

What are the capacity options available for the M&P 2.0's magazines?

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 offers various magazine capacities, including 17+1 for full-size models, and various magazine options to comply with different state regulations and user preferences.

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