Taurus G3 Holsters and Accessories: The Best Taurus G3 Accessories Guide

The Taurus G3 and G3c are popular semi-automatic handguns known for their reliability and affordability. Designed for self and home defense, these pistols have become a favorite choice among gun enthusiasts and those looking for a weapon that is both effective and easy to carry. With a growing market for holsters and accessories, Taurus G3 and G3c owners can easily find the perfect holster to fit their needs, CYA Supply IWB Taurus G3 Holster and Taurus G3 Compact Holster are great options.

When considering the purchase of a Taurus G3 or G3 Compact , potential buyers may be interested in learning more about the price, performance, and available aftermarket accessories. A Taurus G3 typically costs around $300, and has a 15- or 17-round magazine capacity, depending on the model. Various compatible magazines and attachments are available, enhancing the functionality and customization options for each firearm. Reviews of the Taurus G3 and G3c are generally positive, with users appreciating the value and performance the guns provide.

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus G3 and G3c are reliable and affordable handguns perfect for self and home defense.
  • Taurus G3 and Taurus G3 Compact Holsters and accessories are available to customize the firearms based on individual preferences.
  • Taurus G3 and G3c offer great value and performance, as indicated by generally positive user reviews.

Taurus G3

The Tarus G3 is a striker-fired 9mm Luger pistol introduced in 2019, gaining attention for its reliability and affordability. Designed for self-defense, the G3 boasts features suitable for personal defense scenarios. With a focus on safety, the G3 offers manual safety, trigger safety, and a striker block for added protection.

Taurus G3 Accessories and holsters cater to various carry preferences, with options like the Ridge and Base CYA Supply Co Holsters providing options for inside-the-waistband with different positions and styles. The Taurus G3C, a compact version of the G3, also has a dedicated holster lineup for concealed carry users.

Chambered in 9mm caliber, the G3 offers a substantial capacity. With a standard magazine, it holds 15+1 rounds, while opting for an extended magazine increases the capacity to 17+1 rounds. G3 magazines are designed to be easily interchangeable and can be found at various retailers.

Regarding accessories and attachments, the G3 offers a Picatinny rail for mounting lights and lasers, while the G3 TORO (Taurus Optic Ready Option) is specifically designed for shooters who prefer a red-dot sight. Taurus G3 attachments and magazines can be explored further on websites like OpticsPlanet.

G3 Taurus pistols have garnered positive reviews for their out-of-the-box readiness, solid ergonomics, and competitive price point. The pistols are backed by Taurus' lifetime warranty, adding reassurance for buyers and contributing to its growing appeal among the self-defense and concealed carry communities.

Overall, the Taurus G3 and its variations cater to a wide range of shooting interests and offer a budget-friendly option in 9mm self-defense pistols. The combination of features, accessories, and dependability positions it as a contender in both the defense and competition markets.

Taurus G3c

The Taurus G3c is a compact, polymer, striker-fired pistol with remarkable performance and reliability. This semi-automatic handgun is designed for concealed carry and personal defense, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and easily concealable firearm.

One of the key features of the Taurus G3c is its impressive capacity. The pistol comes with a standard 12-round magazine, ensuring users have plenty of firepower. Additionally, the G3c is compatible with Taurus G3 magazines, providing further versatility and options for owners.

The Taurus G3c also offers a wide range of accessories to enhance its usability and meet individual preferences. Some popular accessories include laser sights and tactical lights, extended magazines, and aftermarket trigger upgrades.

Reviews for the Taurus G3c have generally been positive, with users praising its reliability, ergonomics, and value for money. However, like any firearm, the G3c may not be the perfect choice for everyone. Individual preferences and requirements will play a significant role in determining the suitability of this pistol.

In conclusion, the Taurus G3c is a well-rounded, compact firearm that boasts excellent performance, customization options, and comfortable concealment. With its striker-fired mechanism, high capacity, and compatibility with a multitude of holsters and accessories, the G3c is an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable and versatile firearm for personal defense.

Holster Types

Taurus G3 Holster and Taurus G3C Holster

CYA Supply Co has become recognized for producing quality holsters tailored to specific firearms, and their offerings for the Taurus G3 and G3C line follow that trend. Utilizing Boltaron thermoplastic in their construction, these holsters boast a rugged and resilient build that can endure the rigors of daily use.

One standout feature is the adjustable retention system, allowing for a personalized fit that securely holds the firearm. Users can modify the retention to their liking, striking the right balance between a snug hold and ease of draw. This customizability lends itself to an enhanced experience, whether for concealed carry or at the shooting range.

Comfort is a critical consideration for everyday carry, and CYA Supply Co appears to understand this well. Their design aims to minimize discomfort, even during extended periods of wear. Some users might appreciate the cant and ride height adjustments that enable personalization to body type and preferred carry position. These adjustments aid in achieving an optimal fit that promotes not only comfort but also concealment, minimizing the print through clothing.

In conclusion, the CYA Supply Co holsters for the Taurus G3 and G3C firearms present a solid option for those seeking a durable, adjustable, and comfortable solution for carrying these specific models. While not without potential limitations, the attention to material quality, retention adjustment, and ergonomic design demonstrates a thoughtful approach to the needs of firearm owners.

Taurus G3 Reviews

The Taurus G3 is a popular budget-friendly 9mm handgun with a variety of features and accessories available to suit different needs and preferences. Many reviews mention the G3's ergonomic design, which provides a firm grip on the pistol. The double-stack magazine design adds to the overall comfort, allowing for more rounds to be held in a compact form factor.

When it comes to capacity, the standard Taurus G3 holds 15 or 17 rounds, depending on the magazine used. The gun also has compatibility with Taurus G2c magazines, increasing customization options.

Many users appreciate the G3's quality and budget-friendly price point. With a variety of accessories available for customization, including tactical lights, lasers, and holsters, there's no shortage of ways to tailor this firearm to one's lifestyle and needs. 

Users often find that the Taurus G3 performs well at the range, demonstrating accuracy and reliability as a self-defense or target shooting option. While the market is filled with various 9mm handguns, the Taurus G3 stands out as a viable option for those seeking an affordable, customizable firearm that meets their specific needs.

Accessories & Attachments

Taurus G3 Accessories

The Taurus G3 pistol has a variety of accessories available to enhance its performance and user experience. Some popular options include:

  • Magazines: Taurus G3 owners can choose from various magazine capacities, such as 10, 15, or 17 rounds, depending on their preferences and local laws. Increased capacity magazines can provide more rounds for shooting without constantly reloading, while reduced capacity magazines may be lighter and more concealable.
  • Holsters: There are many holster options for the Taurus G3 pistol, including inside waistband (IWB) From CYA Supply Co. 

Taurus G3 Attachments

In addition to Taurus G3 accessories, Taurus G3 users can also make use of various attachments to further customize their firearm:

  • Sights: Upgrading the factory sights can enhance target acquisition and accuracy. Taurus G3 users might consider fiber optic or night sights to increase visibility in low-light situations or during nighttime use.
  • Lights and lasers: Tactical lights and lasers can be mounted on the Taurus G3's accessory rail, providing increased visibility and targeting options in various lighting conditions. Light and laser combinations can offer added versatility for different scenarios.
  • Grips: Customizing the grip on the Taurus G3 can improve comfort, control, and handling. Aftermarket options such as grip extensions or customized grip textures can suit individual preferences and improve overall ergonomics.

The selection of Taurus G3 accessories and attachments enhances the pistol's capabilities and overall user experience. By incorporating these options, Taurus G3 owners can confidently equip their firearm to meet specific needs.

It is worth mentioning that the Taurus G3 pistol holds a reputation for its performance and affordability. The 9mm semi-automatic firearm typically costs between $250 and $300. This compact and versatile pistol holds 15+1 or 17+1 rounds, depending on the magazine used. Taurus G3's compatibility with factory Taurus magazines and aftermarket alternatives from reputable manufacturers adds flexibility and convenience to your choice.

Taurus G3 Toro

The Taurus G3 Toro is a versatile and reliable handgun that provides a great balance of performance and affordability. This pistol is designed for both self-defense and range use, offering features that cater to a variety of users. With its T.O.R.O. (Taurus Optic Ready Option) system, the G3 Toro allows for the easy installation of popular red-dot sights, elevating its tactical capabilities.

One of the key aspects of the Taurus G3 Toro is its capacity to hold a substantial number of rounds. This firearm comes in two magazine options - either a 15-round or 17-round magazine, depending on the user's personal preference and local regulations. This ample round capacity makes the G3 Toro suitable for both self-defense and long shooting sessions at the range.

In addition to its optic-ready design, the Taurus G3 Toro offers various accessories to enhance its functionality and performance. Some popular accessories include aftermarket grips, magazine extensions, and even tactical lights, all of which can be easily added to customize the gun to your needs and preferences.

Many users who have tried the Taurus G3 Toro have had positive experiences, praising its accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. The Taurus G3 Toro allows shooters to experience the benefits of a tactical handgun without breaking their budget, making it an appealing option for those seeking a solid and dependable firearm.

Self & Home Defense

The Taurus G3 and G3C are popular choices for self-defense and home defense due to their reliability and performance. These pistols offer a variety of features that make them suitable for both concealed carry and home protection. For example, the G3C 9mm Holster and Taurus G3 holster are specifically designed for these models, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Both the Taurus G3 and G3C have a solid reputation for being effective self-defense weapons. The G3 has a capacity of 17 rounds, while the G3C holds 12 rounds, providing ample firepower for personal protection. The pistols also accept a variety of magazines, including Taurus factory magazines and certain aftermarket options.

In addition to their firepower, the Taurus G3 and G3C are designed for ease of use and customization. Numerous Taurus G3 accessories and Taurus G3 attachments are available to meet individual needs and preferences, such as laser sights, flashlight mounts, and night sights.

The Taurus G3 reviews and Taurus G3C reviews showcase the satisfaction of customers who trust these pistols for their self-defense and home defense needs. Their durability and performance make them a reliable choice for those looking for a personal safety solution.

When selecting a Taurus G3 or G3C for self-defense or home defense, it's essential to consider factors such as personal comfort, ease of use, and the ability to customize the firearm to meet specific needs. By staying informed and evaluating the features and options available for these pistols, individuals can make a confident and knowledgeable decision for their safety and defense needs.

Company Profile

Forjas Taurus

Forjas Taurus, founded in 1939 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is a leading global manufacturer of firearms known for its reliable and affordable product lineup. The company initially produced revolvers and expanded its portfolio over the years to include pistols, submachine guns, rifles, and accessories.

With a significant presence in the United States, Taurus gained widespread popularity particularly among budget-conscious firearm enthusiasts. Their products are often praised for being both dependable and cost-effective, making them a top choice for gun owners looking for quality without breaking the bank.

Let's take a closer look at the Taurus G3 series and delve into its distinctive traits, variants, and features:

Taurus G3

The Taurus G3 is a semi-automatic polymer-framed pistol series available in various calibers. Its design is aimed at providing improved ergonomics, performance, and ease of use compared to previous Taurus models. Some notable features of the G3 include a Picatinny rail for attaching accessories, an ergonomic grip design, and interchangeable backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes.

Moving on to the specifications, the Taurus G3 is a compact and lightweight firearm, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry. The 9mm version of the G3 has a capacity of 15+1 or 17+1 rounds, depending on the magazine used. Taurus G3 magazines are generally compatible with other models in the G3 series, but it is recommended to verify compatibility before purchasing additional magazines.

When it comes to performance and user feedback, the Taurus G3 series has received generally positive reviews from the firearm community. Users often cite its ergonomic design, reliability, and cost-effectiveness as key determining factors in their decision to choose a Taurus G3.

In conclusion, Forjas Taurus has a long-standing history of delivering quality firearms at an accessible price point. With a diverse offering of products like the Taurus G3 and its subsequents, the company continues to maintain its reputation as a reliable and cost-effective option for gun owners around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for a Taurus G3?

The Taurus G3 is an affordable pistol, with a typical price range around $300. Some gun store shelves may have it closer to $250, which makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the retailer and demand.

What is the standard magazine capacity for a Taurus G3?

The standard magazine capacity for the Taurus G3 is 17 rounds. The G3C, on the other hand, comes with 12-round magazines. Both models can be found with extended magazine options, which provide additional ammunition capacity for owners who prefer more rounds at their disposal.

Which magazines can be used with both G3 and G3C?

Taurus G3 and G3C pistols are designed to be compatible with specific lines of Taurus magazines. For example, the Taurus G3 can accept the shorter 12-round magazines from the G3C. However, always consult the manufacturer's recommendations or test the compatibility of a magazine with your firearm to ensure reliable function and optimal performance.

What are some popular accessories for the Taurus G3?

Popular accessories for the Taurus G3 include extended magazines, grip enhancements, night sights, lights, lasers, and various holster options. Many of these accessories are also compatible with the G3C, allowing for a degree of customization that meets the owner's needs and preferences. Before purchasing an accessory, be sure to verify its compatibility with your specific model.

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