Texas House Bill 103 Establishing an Active Shooter Alert System to be Considered in Committee

The Texas House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety will be meeting on March 11 to discuss three bills.  Among them is HB103 "Relating to establishment of the Texas Active Shooter Alert System."  This bill would require the establishment of an alert system that would notify "appropriate participants" within a 50 mile radius.  These participants would be public and commercial entities such as tv and radio broadcasters, state and local government entities, mobile phone service providers as well as other "appropriate persons."  The author, State Representative Brooks Landgraf, likened it to the amber alert system.  

Rep. Landgraf said “An alert system of this kind could have helped spare the life of Odessa High School student, Leilah Hernandez, who was killed almost an hour after the shooting rampage began."  Brooks Landgraf Campaign, BrooksLandgraf.com

The Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee will decide whether to take no action on the bill or issue a report with recommended actions to the Texas House of Representatives.

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