Hybrid EDC Belt

When you concealed carry, you need a belt that's as tough as you. CYA Supply Co.'s got you covered!

  • Tired of having to remove the buckle on your EDC belt to put it through the loops of your pants?! We've solved that problem with a 1" female buckle member that will slip through the loops with ease.
  • Belt strap is 1.5" wide nylon webbing, giving you a sturdy platform for your carrying weapon.
  • Your Hybrid EBC Belt is .10" thick and doubled over the full length of the belt strap (.20" total thickness), so it won't droop with the weight of your weapon.
  • The nylon webbing had been impregnated with resin for durability and rigidity; so your holster stays secure when drawing or re-holstering, but you won't sacrifice comfort.
  • With four rows of stitching and a box-x stitch securing the female side of the buckle, you know this belt can take anything you throw at it.
  • The belt is finished with a patented AustriAlpin Cobra ® aluminum alloy, quick release, adjustable buckle; with a 1.5" male buckle member and a 1” fixed female buckle member. With one click, you'll know your EDC is secure, allowing you to focus on your surroundings.
  • Available for pant sizes 28 - 50. Purchase your true pant size. The belts can be adjusted one size up or down (i.e. size 36 can be adjust to a size 34 or 38). If you are in-between sizes, we recommend buying the next size up. 

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