Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9/40 With RED Crimson Trace IWB Holster

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  • Fits the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9/40 with RED 489 Crimson Trace laser attachment.  Will not fit 489G (the green laser.)  However, we have the 489G in process, please bear with us as we get this one going!
  • USA MADE QUALITY: Made in USA, chock full of quality and AMERICA.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS: We use Boltaron for our holsters, this means higher impact and temperature resistance.
  • LESS FRICTION: Reliefs have been made for the safety, slide release etc which means better draw, re-holster and less wear.
  • ADJUSTABLE CANT: Some folks like to carry at 0 degrees, others like 15, our holster's cant is fully adjustable.
  • WE STAND BY OUR QUALITY: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked return policy.

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