Sig Sauer P320 XCompact Review: Compact Powerhouse Unveiled

The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact is a notable addition to the respected P320 series, popular among law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters. This compact 9mm pistol harmonizes the need for concealability with the robust performance features of the XSeries. It offers an ideal size for concealed carry while providing a comfortable grip and a high level of control during firing. The innovation invested in the XCompact's design gives users a versatile platform that does not compromise the shooting experience.

Empowered by its ergonomic design, the P320 XCompact presents a 3.6-inch barrel length that contributes to its compactness without undermining accuracy. The pistol's modular grip, refined slide profile, and incorporated optics make it a top choice for a dependable, striker-fired pistol with modern features. Recognizing the need for enhanced safety, the model includes a manual safety feature and ships with two 15-round steel magazines, delivering a comprehensive package for a wide range of shooting applications.

Key Takeaways

  • The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact blends concealability with the performance of the XSeries.
  • Design improvements include a modular grip, a short barrel, and manual safety features for enhanced control.
  • The pistol's compact size and its 15-round magazine capacity position it as a versatile choice for various shooters.

Design and Features

The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact presents a harmonious blend of modularity and ergonomic design. This firearm incorporates a well-thought-out structure that enhances appearance and function for a myriad of users.

Modular Design

The SIG P320 XCompact's standout feature is its modular design. It showcases a unique system that allows the shooter to interchange various components:

  • Slide: The firearm has an XSeries slide, which houses enhanced serrations for a firm grip and easier manipulation.
  • Grip Module: At the heart of its modularity lies the modular polymer XSeries grip, which can be replaced to suit different hand sizes without altering the serialized part of the firearm, conforming to diverse shooter preferences.
  • Magwell: Included in its design is a low-profile internal magwell facilitating faster and smoother magazine changes.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The ergonomics of the SIG P320 XCompact revolve around providing optimal comfort and control:

  • Grip Angle and Beavertail: The grip module sports an ergonomic grip angle designed for natural aim, complemented by an extended beavertail that helps distribute recoil across a wider area of the hand.
  • Undercut Trigger Guard: A high undercut trigger guard enhances the grip and enables higher hand positioning, which contributes to improved recoil control.
  • Fastback Carry Cut: The firearm exhibits a reduced fastback carry cut, which assists in concealability while providing ultimate comfort, especially when the firearm is holstered against the body.

This carefully engineered handgun balances the need for a versatile, modular firearm with the necessity of ergonomic features providing both customization and ease of use for the shooter.

Performance and Reliability

Considering the SIG Sauer P320 XCompact as a 9mm pistol option, its performance and reliability stand out. The XCompact's design integrates features of exceptional handling and consistent accuracy, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Accuracy and Handling

The P320 XCompact is engineered with a focus on precision. Its 3.6-inch barrel is paired with the low bore axis design, contributing to notable accuracy by reducing muzzle rise and allowing for faster follow-up shots. The trigger's short reset and steel construction encourage precise shot placement and tactile feedback. Furthermore, recoil control is enhanced by the ergonomic grip and extended beavertail, which work collectively to stabilize the pistol during firing.

Optics and Sights

SIG Sauer's attention to modern shooting preferences is evident in the XCompact's optics-ready slide. This pistol accommodates a variety of reflex optics, including the Romeo1Pro. Factory options include the X-Ray3 day/night sights, which pair a tritium insert in the front with a two-dot tritium rear night sight plate assembly, optimizing sight acquisition in varying lighting conditions. Users can fine-tune their sights for windage to enhance their shooting experience further.

Ammunition Compatibility

When discussing a 9mm Luger pistol, ammunition compatibility is critical to its performance. The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact shows consistent reliability with a range of 9mm ammunition types, including FMJ and Hornady defensive rounds. Testing has demonstrated that the pistol feeds and cycles various brands and bullet weights without issue, making it a versatile choice for different shooting applications.

The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact’s combination of accuracy, ergonomic design, and compatibility with various sight systems and ammunition types reinforces its reputation as a reliable and performance-driven 9mm pistol.

Specifications and Variants

The SIG Sauer P320 XCompact is a well-balanced firearm that combines compact size with optimal magazine capacity and caliber flexibility. Its design makes it a reliable choice for concealed carry and duty use.

Physical Attributes

The P320 XCompact features a 3.6" barrel, contributing to its overall length of 7 inches. It weighs approximately 25.3 ounces, providing a solid but manageable heft. This model boasts an XSeries slide with enhanced serrations. The included X-Ray3 day/night front sight paired with a rear night sight plate assembly allows superior visibility in various lighting conditions. The slide is also ready to accommodate the ROMEO1PRO red dot optic, allowing users to enhance their targeting capabilities further.

  • Length: 7 inches
  • Barrel Length: 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 25.3 ounces (without magazine)
  • Sights: X-Ray3 day/night front sight, rear night sight plate assembly
  • Optic Ready: Yes, for ROMEO1PRO
  • Slide: XSeries with enhanced serrations

Magazine and Caliber

The P320 XCompact is chambered in 9mm, a standard caliber that balances recoil and stopping power, making it a suitable option for diverse shooters. It has a standard magazine capacity of 15+1, ensuring ample ammunition for an engagement without compromising the compact size. The design features a smooth mag well for quick and efficient magazine changes. This model accepts P320 full-size magazines, increasing its versatility and adaptability in various shooting scenarios.

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Standard Magazine Capacity: 15+1
  • Magwell: Smooth for efficient reloading
  • Compatibility: Accepts P320 full-size magazines

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses specific questions about the SIG Sauer P320 XCompact, providing clear and concise information to those interested in this firearm.

What are the key differences between the P320 XCompact and the Glock 19?

The SIG P320 XCompact and the Glock 19 differ in several areas; the P320 XCompact features a 3.6-inch barrel and is equipped with X-Ray3 day/night sights, while the Glock 19 typically has a 4.01-inch barrel and standard sights. The Xcompact also has a modular grip and a straight trigger, contrasting with the Glock's fixed grip and safety blade trigger.

Can you mount a red dot sight on the P320 X-Compact, and if so, which are compatible?

Yes, the P320 X-Compact can be outfitted with a red dot sight. It is compatible with the ROMEO1PRO reflex optic and offers a rear night sight plate assembly that can accommodate various optics suitable for the Sig slide cut.

What are the best accessories to enhance the P320 XCompact?

Accessories to enhance the P320 XCompact include the SIG Sauer Romeo1Pro reflex sight for improved targeting, extended-capacity magazines for additional rounds, and grip modules to adjust the firearm's ergonomics and fit.

How does the P320 XCompact Pro differ from the standard XCompact model?

The XCompact Pro variant generally boasts upgraded features such as professional-grade trigger systems and improved optics readiness. However, specifics may vary, and interested buyers should verify the exact differences between the manufacturers.

What has been the controversy surrounding the P320, and how does it affect the XCompact?

The P320 faced safety concerns due to reported accidental discharges when dropped at specific angles. SIG Sauer implemented a voluntary upgrade program to enhance the trigger system for improved safety. The XCompact, as part of the P320 line, benefits from these safety enhancements.

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